Top Chef News: Baby Blais, Cooking Classes, and Season 5!

It’s been a whole… (eep!) 5 days now…and I still can’t get over the fact that Top Chef Chicago is no more. So, in order to give myself a Top Chef fix, I thought I’d pass along some interesting tidbits you might want to check out!

1. Finalist Richard Blais had a baby girl! – Photos courtesy of Our Labor of Love (click on link for more photos). Does anyone remember the “Common Threads” episode, where Antonia started bawling when she saw all the kids? Well, in that same episode, Richard made some comment to the effect of finding it all so emotional and wanting to go home and make “Baby Blaises.” It looks like he succeeded (has it really been 9 months since they taped the episode?!)

2. Top Chef contestants will now be teaching cooking classes! – If you happen to live in New York, the Culinary Institute of America is hosting cooking classes led by Top Chef Contestants (from all 4 seasons). You can learn tricks in the kitchen from the likes of Casey, Tre, Sam, Dale…and even Stephanie! Classes will be going on all summer long…check the schedule and sign up! (I wish I lived in NY, but only for this :)).

3. And lastly, speaking of New York, guess where Top Chef 5 is being filmed! - Many New Yorkers contend it’s about time their fabulous foodie city get a season of Top Chef and now, they are. But you know what I say to you New Yorkers? Chicago beat you! Yay.

That’s all the Top Chef News for now. But I assure you, if anything exciting comes our way, we’ll be checking in with you again.

And if you missed any episodes of Top Chef Chicago, you can still catch them all on our Top Chef Chicago Watch page!

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  • melissa

    Um, is it just me or did Richard and his wife make the CUTEST BABY EVER?? Seriously, I cannot stop looking at the pics. :D

  • McKenzie

    I’m also having Top Chef withdrawals! Thanks for sharing the link to the baby Blais pictures – too cute!

  • baby high chair accessories

    The baby looks sooooo cute! Thanks for sharing the link to ‘Top Chef Chicago Watch page’!!

  • Weber Q Grill Cover

    Baby is cute, and bet she’s grown a lot…

    Time for Top Chef 2010 – my how time flies!

  • Cornell Bed and Breakfast

    Baby Blais is so darling! That black and white photo is so perfect that I can’t look away.

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