Successful Weight Loss with Weight Watchers

Today’s post comes to us from Brandi at Diets in Review as part of our new guest blogging series. Diets in Review helps you understand and debunk all those crazy diets and figure out what fits you best. We love how easy they make it!

It’s a rather moot point to say there are an overwhelming number of diets available. Amongst these hundreds of weight loss programs, pills and books, few stand out as well as Weight Watchers. What started as an intimate conversation in a living room, has grown to a monster success story. That success has been shared with its loyal and satisfied customers, success in the form of lasting, healthy weight loss.

For 45 years, Weight Watchers has been a trusted name in weight loss. Their approach is smart, flexible and healthy, something most can’t say. As Americans, we like what we like and do what we like and we don’t appreciate things standing in our way. Most diets ignore this by dictating complicated rules, long lists of unapproved foods, relentless counting and often leave you ill-prepared to live life after the diet. Weight Watchers says- eat what you want, but do it in moderation. Simply put, it works.

Which Weight Watchers is right for you?
Weight Watchers is accessible worldwide in a number of ways. The traditional approach are the Weight Watchers Meetings, where you’ll participate in weekly meetings, gather support and guidance from your counselor, and weigh in.

Weight Watchers Online allows you to access all of the information with the convenience of the Internet. Enjoy support groups online, plus more functionality than you’ll find in meetings. Your online account has a library of recipes, progress monitoring tools, Points calculator, fitness guidance and more.

Weight Watchers for Men is one of the newer additions. While most men shudder at the word “diet” because of it’s female connotation, the men’s program was built with their lifestyle in mind. Men learn how to use the Weight Watchers Points system, an expert-created fitness program and how to continue enjoying all those guy-foods.

Weight Watchers Points and Recipes
The Points system made them famous. As a member, you’ll have access to Points calculators that do the work for you- no more messy calorie and carb counting. Based on your current weight and goals, you’ll be assigned a daily point target. The formula for the Points is made up by the Calories, Fat and Fiber found in each food. Learn more about Weight Watchers Points.

There are thousands of recipes that Weight Watchers has created. As a member you’ll have access to these. Diets In Review also provides a generous recipes section filled with popular Weight Watchers Recipes like margaritas, desserts, dinners and more.

Getting Started
For some, the sense of community and responsibility that comes with being a part of the Weight Watchers Meetings can be key to their success. For others, accessibility of the information online makes it one of the most approachable methods of weight loss. It’s lack of restriction and ease of use are clear reasons why so many thousands of people have successfully lost weight, but best of all, kept it off. You can learn more at Diets In Review with the Weight Watchers Review and Weight Watchers for Men Review.

Brandi Koskie is the senior editor at, a diet review and healthy living resource online. The more than 400 reviews of diet and weight loss programs and products can help you find the right approach for you, the daily Diet Blog provides fitness and eating tips, interviews and current trends, and you’ll find free recipes to fit your Weight Watchers, Diabetic or Low-Carb diet.

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  • Liz

    WW worked really well for my mom. I think she got sick of points-counting after a while, but it definitely got her working on a healthier lifestyle.

  • lost weight at weight watchers

    Informative blog – Weight watchers are proven to work. Just being in a group of like minded people who all want to loose weight is an important factor. You all encourage each other. It’s one of the best ways to loose weight. It worked for me!

  • grüner tee extrakt

    This is an aspect that is rarely covered, I don’t agree with you in all points, but all in all it’s a great post. Thank you.

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