Food In The News: Weekly Roundup

You say tomato…I say contaminated - A recent salmonella outbreak has caused tomatoes to be lifted off menus everywhere. Here’s how to prevent eating the wrong tomato.

Organic…alcohol? - Because nothing’s trendy if it can’t be found in cocktail form.

“You won’t believe it’s not bacon” – I’ve heard of bacon bits (vegetarian), but now bacon salt?! This bacon-remniscent product is completely kosher and vegetarian.

Baco (gyro-pizza-taco) – Sometimes we just need to know when to stop…

It’s ok to eat meat – My own alma mater (U of I) did a study that demystified the myth that diets high in meat negate the effects of dairy products for your bone health.

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  • Liz

    Bacon salt sounds like a great idea, but I’ve heard it’s disappointingly non-bacony.

  • Israel

    I thought I had had enough of tomato comments, but that title made me want to read more. Good stuff.

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