Do the DEWmocracy

Woohoo! Chew on That blog had some fun today! We had the privilege of receiving three new flavors of Mountain Dew to test out and share which one we liked best. And as if that didn’t make us feel important enough, the winning new version of DEW will soon be sold in stores!

The cool thing about these new flavors was that they were actually created by DEW drinkers! Back in November, the company came out with their new effort called “DEWmocracy” that invited dew drinkers to collectively come up with new versions of Mountain Dew. Now the new flavors have actually been produced with new can designs and all.

The three flavors that went into production were:

#1 =

#2 =

#3 =

We were very excited to receive cans of each and decided to conduct an official office taste test.

Each participant had to taste each flavor and fill out a survey about which one they liked best. We broke the categories down into: best can design, best name, best flavor concept, best taste, and the category that would determine our winner: best overall.

In total, we had 7 participants. I’m sure you’re all anxious to find out which flavor WE collectively chose, and so without further ado:

The winner is…

#2 – DEW Revolution!

DEW Infused with Wild Berry Fruit Flavor and Ginseng

But, I have to concede it was a close race between #1 and #2 (see key above). Our winner, DEW Revolution, received 4 votes, while DEW Voltage received 3 votes. Had we had just a few more tasters, the results could have turned out differently. And if you ask me, these two flavors looked and tasted virtually identical. I’m almost wondering if there was a mixup in the packaging….

It should be mentioned that flavor #3 (DEW Supernova) received 0 votes. DEW Supernova had a pinkish color (compared to the light blue of the other two flavors) and received a great deal of low praise in the comment forms like “yuck!” and “it tastes like cough syrup!” Poor Supernova.

Now, the only thing we have to do is VOTE at Cute, huh? So far, it seems that Voltage (signified in blue) is winning against Revolution (white) and Supernova (pink). So, as Illinois residents who seem to have already chosen Voltage…maybe our test won’t count much after all :(. Oh, elections!

But anyway, a very big thank you to Mountain Dew and their representative Kristin, who made us feel especially important by sending us these new flavors to test out. We had tons of fun!

Do the DEWmocracy!

UPDATE (September 17, 2008): It looks like the national Mountain Dew winner is #1 – Voltage!

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  • Marc @ NoRecipes

    There was a time when I lived on this stuff. This choose a flavour thing is brilliant marketing.

  • Hillary

    I agree – It’s genius marketing! I love the whole “DEWmocracy” concept.

  • Julia Roy

    You can only “Do the Dewmocracy” for a few more weeks, as voting closes on July 31st! What is cool though is that you can vote ONCE A DAY, EVERYDAY for your favorite until the 31st. Rock on-

    In these last few weeks, I’d like to see Supernova and Revolution fans upset Voltage’s #1 spot.

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