Crazy for Kabobs

Kabobs may just be my new favorite way to barbecue! I love the all-in-oneness of sliding all your veggies and meats onto skewers and letting them grill up. We bought these long metal skewers (I can’t seem to find them on the Crate & Barrel website to give you a link…) that were really excellent. Each skewer held so much food – easily enough for one to two people. But before I tell you how delicious the food was, let me back up a little.

We went to the grocery store with only “kabobs” in mind and really no other specifications. As we wandered through Whole Foods in search of dinner (and samples), our menu gradually came together:

Chicken Kabobs with Fresh Veggies
Smashed Potatoes with Thyme
Caprese Salad

Drooling yet? It was the perfect summer menu and I want to share the delicious recipes with you. R is a whiz at marinades and dressings. Whereas mine always turn out too heavy on the olive oil or taste a little flat, he has a knack for the perfect mix of acid and oil. Last night he tried a new lemon marinade on the chicken that was so flavorful and light! It kept the chicken incredibly moist and tender on the grill too. Here’s a shot of our beautiful kabobs on the grill:

And the final product plated:

And while he got those going, I went to work on the smashed potatoes. I had seen this recipe on The Pioneer Woman and immediately bookmarked it to make ASAP. The hardest part of the whole recipe was waiting for the potatoes to boil so I could stick them them in the oven. I modified the recipe a bit and added some chopped garlic to the potatoes. We also used thyme instead of rosemary. I would even consider sprinkling some cheese on top at the very end or using some different herbs – I think anything would be delicious! The best part was how crispy the little taters got. Totally pop-able and crunchy with lovely flavor. In the picture, they look like a big mess of potatoes because my pan wasn’t big enough, but if they were spread out, they’d look much nicer.

And finally, the caprese salad. Is there anything better, really? Fresh tomatoes, salty, fresh mozzarella and a basil chiffonade. So simple, but so satisfying. And it really rounded out the meal! We had planned on having Greek Yogurt and Honey with Fruit for dessert, but we were both so full from dinner we just couldn’t eat another bite. (It’s a very rare occasion that R does not have room for dessert, but that should give you an indication of how good dinner was!) We will hopefully try that later this week. I also made a batch of my grandmother’s Brown Sugar Cookies that turned out so horribly I will not even post the pictures. I think it was something about the butter… I was not pleased.

But for now, I will share my recipes for an amazing lemon marinade and the smashed potatoes.

Chicken Kabobs with Lemon Marinade

Smashed Potatoes

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  • Hillary

    Those kabobs are so pretty! I love the colors, and I bet they tasted great! Nice summer meal.

  • Sarah P.

    Your kabobs look absolutely delicious! I am so jealous!

  • cakewardrobe

    Beautiful long skewers. I bet your guests wouldn’t eat anything after that!

  • Joy

    Oh my goodness, they look so good!

  • Syrie

    I’m crazy for kabobs too. If only summer would arrive in Vancouver so I could actually use the bbq! Those potatoes look fantastic.

  • Addie

    I discovered Chinese vinegar and the family and all our friends love it. It has replaced any and all other vinegars. If you should have a heavy hand with the acid, it is not so strong that the food is uneatable.

  • Dara

    The purple onion on the kebobs is especially gorgeous! Try the pineapple next time. Peaches are also great on the grill, though I haven’t done them on kebobs, just halved and grilled.

  • Kathlene

    Thanks for the great Kabob ideas! I shared it with our readers on our blog Where Families Connect!

    Also one of my all time favorite marinades for any meat would have to be Newman’s Own Balsamic Vinaigrette, I’m sure any balsamic vinaigrette will do but that is what my mother always used and it is delicious! If you can’t find it, any really cheap Italian dressing will get the job done too!

  • whiz

    Wow. The onions, Mushrooms and kebabs are a potent combination. Mouth watering from here!

    “And finally, the caprese salad. Is there anything better, really? Fresh tomatoes, salty, fresh mozzarella and a basil chiffonade” <– Yummy

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