Food In The News: Weekly Roundup

Tastebud trickery – If you ever want to trick your tastebuds into thinking all foods are sweet, eat a red berry called “the miracle fruit.” For the next half hour, you’ll think everything is full of sugar…good? bad? I’m not sure how I feel about this.

Rose on the rise – Seriously, what did we tell you? ‘Tis the Season to Drink Pink!

Chicago hot dog gets a makeover – Five renowned Chicago chefs put their own spin on the Chicago hot dog. Will their changes catch on? Doubtful, you just can’t mess with sport peppers.

Coffee Tasting - Tasting notes aren’t just for wine. Coffee aficionados participate in similar discussions, highlighting the origins and floral undertones of their cup of joe.

Fruits and veggies fight skin cancer – If there’s no stopping your trips to the tanning salon, at least eat some fruits and vegetables beforehand!

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  • melissa

    There is no way I could eat that miracle fruit. I would despise having everything taste sweet. Bleah.

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