Making Sangria and My Special Technique

sangria with fruit

In honor of the holiday weekend and the forthcoming warm weather (ahem, warm weather, did you hear me? you may arrive now!), I wanted to share a fun beverage with you today. I have a special place in my heart for sangria and I’m on the search for a perfect recipe. This one was pretty darn good and there wasn’t a drop left.

But before I give you the recipe, I want to impart some of my sangria knowledge onto you, dear readers.

My first encounter with sangria was brief but memorable: my sophomore year in college, one of my roommates in the sorority house drank a wee bit too much sangria one night and came stumbling in the door with red liquid stains down her front. That night I only saw the sangria coming up, not going down.

The good news is that it got better from there. During my junior year, I was abroad in London and took a trip with some friends to Spain and Portugal. Ah, now there was some good sangria. Cheap, strong and filled with fruit! On one particular evening in Lisbon, a friend and I happened upon a tiny, hole-in-the-wall bar with an enormous vat of sangria from which glass after glass was being filled. As we found a table and ordered drinks – sangria, of course! – we were presented with a mounding bowl of freshly popped popcorn that was on the house and apparently in unlimited supply. What could be better?

For the remainder of the night, we contented ourselves with sangria and popcorn galore! But the most significant event of the evening was when we devised a special technique for getting the fruit from the bottom of the glass into our mouths. This technique is called: The Stab and Grab.

It’s quite simple actually, I’m really just proud of the name! When most of your sangria has been drunk, use your straw to stab the fruit, which you can then relay to your mouth. Pretty nifty, eh? And so, whenever I drink sangria, whoever I am drink with bears the pleasure of hearing this story – regardless of how many times they’ve heard it before (poor R, he gets it a lot!). And even though it’s not quite Happy Hour time right now, you too can pretend that we are slightly inebriated together, swapping sangria stories.

Thank you for indulging my nostalgia. And now, I present to you my sangria recipe. Enjoy and have a great holiday weekend!



4 bottles dry red wine
1 C. brandy
1/2 C. sugar
1 oranges, sliced with rind
1 lemons, sliced with rind
2 apples, sliced with skin
1 pear
2 cinnamon sticks


Mix all ingredients in a gallon pitcher or punch bowl. Let flavors blend for several hours. Serve over plenty of ice.

Note: Although this recipe makes 1 gallon of liquid, you will need a larger pitcher than 1 gallon, after you add all of the fruit. Be prepared with multiple pitchers or a large punch bowl.

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  • Hillary

    Very pretty!!!

  • Pixie

    ahh sangria, I have fond memories as friend used to make the best sangria ever..*sigh* the memories

    thanks for stopping over

  • Marc @ NoRecipes

    I love sangria. Brings back fond memories of Portugal. After the first glass it starts to taste like juice.

  • Kevin

    That looks good!

  • Emiline

    I love sangria! Your recipe sounds amazing. I love that it has 8 bottles of red wine. ;)

  • Sarah P.

    By far the apples and oranges are the best! I found that adding pineapple and/or strawberries works great too! That’s the best part of Sangria, you can pick and choose what fruits you want to add. When we made our Sangria we did a bowl of red sangria and a bowl of white, we use white zin, I think and added different blends of fruit with each.

  • cakewardrobe

    That’s the perfect summer BBQ drink!

  • Núria

    Hi! Wow Sangría is like “the drink” here in Spain… all tourists ask for Paella and Sangría :D
    I also have some memories of this beverage… the first time I got drunk was with Sangria at the beach… OMG! That’s Jurasic ages ;-). I never made it myself but somebody in my family makes the best ever! I’ll try to get that recipe and post about it now that the summer is near.
    You’ve got a great blog!!!

  • Ita

    OK, I’ll bite. Why is 4 bottles of dry red wine listed twice? So 8 bottles total is required? Or is that a typo?

  • Maxine

    Ita – Thanks for catching that! I think 4 MORE bottles would definitely be a little over-kill on the alcohol. Oops! :)

  • Mary Ann

    Hello, Claudette,

    I love sangria, came across these recipes, and wondered if you’d enjoy it.

    Buschwacker is fine, and cranky as old m,en can get!!! But he is working and doing great too.

  • Pirjo

    I love sangria. There are only a few commercial brands out there that are good, NOTHING beats having a vat of “fresh” homemade Sangria though. I like the fact you can add what you want. I like having slightly smashed blueberries in mine. Great drink for a hot day.

  • Hoover u5507 900

    Great recipe,I think Im going to give it a try since it seems easy enought to make.Thanks for sharing.

  • Thomas Andrew

    My girlfriend and I love sangria. We can’t wait to try out your recipe. Thanks.

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