Easy Fruit Popsicles

Don’t get any wrong ideas – the weather still hasn’t warmed up around these parts but with Memorial Day coming this weekend, I got this crazy idea that summer might be on its way. So in the spirit of spite for the unwelcome cold temperatures: I made popsicles. I refuse to have my picnic season taken away from me, and so when the warm weather finally does arrive, I want to be prepared for it. I want popsicles, lots and lots of popsicles.

Yes, take that cold weather, I made popsicles! And not just any popsicles: really good popsicles. Because maybe if I make popsicles, the warm weather will come out to enjoy one or two. I mean, who would refuse a popsicle?

I got the sudden urge when I saw this adorable little kit in the grocery store:

Able to make six popsicles, it came in all different shapes from rocket to star to the interesting design you see above. But don’t be discouraged if you don’t have a convenient kit like this one, you can use plastic cups and wooden popsicle sticks just as easily!

The first thing you want to do is chop up some fruit. In this particular instance, I used mango but the possibilities are endless. You can use: pineapple, berries, orange segments, kiwi, really…anything that would make you swoon in popsicle form.

Now distribute your fruit into each container. The fruit goes in first so that it sort of spreads itself around naturally when you add your juice or yogurt (speaking of which happens to be the next step!)

Now that your fruit is in the containers, add your juice. Pour it over the top, or spoon in some yogurt. I used a cranberry raspberry juice blend because I thought it was the perfect flavor for a popsicle. And with golden chunks of mango shining through, the colors were absolutely perfect.

Place these bad boys in your freezer, let them freeze overnight, and your work is DONE!

Now the next time you open your freezer (unless your impatient like me and could literally sit there and watch them freeze…) you will be greeted by some pretty-looking popsicles.

To loosen them from their containers, simply run them under hot water for about 2 seconds and squeeze them out!

Easy Fruit Popsicles

Make some popsicles to have in your freezer for summer! They’re so simple!


Juice or Yogurt (pick one, suggestions below)
-orange juice
-cranberry raspberry juice
-strawberry yogurt
-blueberry yogurt
-plain yogurt

Fruit (if desired, suggestions below)
-mango, in chunks
-strawberries, cut up
-pineapple, in chunks
-kiwi, sliced


Use plastic popsicle makers or plastic cups with popsicle sticks. Fill your containers with fruit first. Then, pour in juice or yogurt. Insert stick (or lid if using popsicle maker) and put in the freezer. Let freeze overnight.

Preparation Time: 5 minutes

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  • http://whiteonricecouple.com White On Rice Couple

    Wow!! Just 5 minutes to make those! That’s such a brilliant idea and these are for sure going to be on our list to make for our summer BBQ !

  • http://www.thursdaynightsmackdown.com michelle @ TNS

    i want rocket-shaped popsicles! i have some crappy popsicle molds that always fall apart on me, so i never end up making them.

    i’ve never put whole fruit chunks into mine, just fruit purees. these look super-fun. maybe you could even macerate the fruit in a little booze for a grown-up popsicle.

  • Sarah P.

    These look gorgeous and delicious! I bet they turned out great! Maybe by making these you brought us luck with the weather!

  • http://allthingsnice.typepad.com/tastebuddies/ Syrie

    I certainly wouldn’t! This is a great idea, it’s easy and just in time for a Vancouver summer…if we ever get there.

  • http://chewonthatblog.com Josh

    Those popsicles look great! You could try blended strawberries and bananas (1 pound of strawberries to 1 medium banana) next time instead of juice!

  • http://www.theperfectpantry.com Lydia (The Perfect Pantry)

    My grandkids would get a real kick out of these!

  • http://www.cookeatfret.com Claudia (cook eat FRET)

    the best part about popscles?

    it’s the word popsicle.

  • http://easyfruitpopsicles jaslene

    that sounds delicious

  • frabretsio


  • Monica

    Yum!! Any left to share?

  • http://dellnstan@bellsouth.net Dee

    Where can I buy the popsicle set?

  • http://wanderingchopsticks.blogspot.com Wandering Chopsticks

    Yum! I just bought a popsicle kit at IKEA last week. Can’t wait to make some!

  • http://www.recipes.eu.com Recipe Collector

    This looks yummy! A fresh, cool, and fruity treat for the summer. You can also try using fresh coconut juice added with milk and put strips of coconut meats to serve as the fruit flavor. that would make a lovely popsicle.

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