Sweet Potato What Now?!

One of my favorite things to do in a grocery store is visit the produce section and find a vegetable or fruit I have never seen or heard of. Sometimes it happens by accident, and other times I make a point to scale the aisles of exotic peppers, sapute, casaba melons and all those things I wouldn’t consider very…traditional in my home.

This time I saw something called “sweet potatoes bonata”. Hairy, brown and small, it sure didn’t look anything like a sweet potato. It looked more like an oblong coconut, frankly.

As soon as I got the chance, I Googled and Wikipediad (yes, Web sites can turn into verbs) the phrase “sweet potatoes bonata” and I have to say, my findings this time around were not very helpful. There was no entry on Wikipedia and the best I could do on Google was this link that tells me sweet potato bonatas are yellow sweet potatoes often used in Spanish chicken noodle soup.

Anyone else have more information on sweet potatoes bonata?!

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  • http://voodoolily.blogspot.com Heather

    Those look like name root or taro to me. I bet you can use them in Asian cooking too!

  • lilcook

    Looks like taro to me. Bake them or boil them until very soft, then peel, then do whatever you like with the soft starchy tuber.

  • http://gourmeted.com Joy

    Looks like taro, like the others said.

    I love that we do that same thing — look for fruit or veg that I’ve never seen before. Haha. But I haven’t really bought any and tried to cook it. Well, I tried kale, which I’ve never had before.

  • Karen

    I love to try new things! I’ll have to look for this,sounds very interesting.

  • Cynthia

    Try Googling “boniato” – it is a relative of the American sweet potato and is also called the Cuban sweet potato. There is a good bit of information on boniato on the web.

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