From My Grandmother’s Files…

I often meet my grandma for lunch during the week because she lives very close to my office. It is a wonderful treat that I take very much for granted since I forget that most people cannot meet their 84 year-old grandmothers for a hot dog just to catch up and chat during their lunch breaks. My grandma is many wonderful things, but possibly her most well-known trait is her phenomenal talent for baking (and tennis and knitting, but that’s just not relevant here). I have mentioned before that baking is a very serious matter in my family, so it shouldn’t have come as any surprise when she pulled this out of her purse today at lunch:

We don’t know where this came from, but it was just too hilarious not to share with all of you. My grandma said she was sorting through her clipped recipes and came upon this snippet. Unfortunately, it has no identifiable marking to search out its origin. Chances are, it’s from the stacks of cooking magazines that she has hoarded under her king-size bed and refuses to get rid of.

I’m quite anxious to try the recipe, because it certainly is not your conventional “back of the bag” recipe. I especially love that it instructs you to make only a few cookies at a time and store the rest in the freezer until “troubled times.”

I hope you enjoy this clever clip as much as I did! And may it give you the “chewy reassurance” we all look for in a perfect chocolate chip cookie.

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  • melissa

    Brown sugar can be empathetic? Wow.

    This whole thing is totally amusing. :) And you are lucky, Maxine. I barely knew my grandmothers due to geography. I’m glad you get to spend time with yours, that’s lovely.

  • Sarah P.

    So cute!

  • Denise O

    I think it’s great to have such recipes , as I still get recipes from my grandmother.They sure know how to cook.

  • Yael

    There is nothing quite like a recipe from grams’ cookbook vault – especially those involving chocolate ;) Happy Baking!

  • http://AOL Bette Asprinio

    Sounded great, until I read the ziplock bag. They haven’t been around that long.

  • Aunt Barbara

    Tried the cookies & they were yummy. Loved that they are made in 1 bowl – no machines needed. Especially good for cooking with young children – they can mix and roll the cookie balls.

  • Aviva

    I actually clipped this recipe myself at least 10 years ago. It was published in the Chicago Tribune Magazine. It may have been published other places as well :).

  • Terry

    I’ve been baking this very recipe for years. My sister and I found this recipe not in the Chicago Tribune Magazine, but in the food section of the Chicago Tribune newspaper. These cookies are our family’s favorite and we make no other chocolate chip recipe. They are so good that we rarely freeze the dough for later use as we find that the day we make them we already have need of them to comfort us in our troubled times!

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