Food In The News: Weekly Roundup

Tapas for the health conscious – More and more people watching what they eat have noticed that small portions, like with tapas, are the way to go.

Brown is better – We always had a feeling brown rice was better than white, but now the FDA has confirmed our suspicion by labeling the rice a truly healthy grain.

Under the microscope – Is molecular gastronomy an old fashioned term for the avant garde techniques? What does the future have in store?

Internatonal pickle week - All across the world, people are celebrating their love of all things pickled!

Can a strawberry be savory? – Knowing how often its used in desserts, its hard to get past the sweetness of the strawberry, but some chefs took the strawberry to new territory.

Links courtesy of Pro Chef Smart Brief.

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  • H.C.

    I’ve always liked the nutty taste & texture of brown rice to begin with — but yay!

    As for tapas — I think it’s a double-edged sword. Smaller portions are definitely better, but it’s also rather easy to get carried away order too many plates (especially since tapas are often eaten in a group setting, and with all the socializing it can be hard to keep track of those servings.)

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