Food In The News: Weekly Roundup

Top Chef cruise? – Bravo goes multimedia. We knew about the cookbook and the calendar, but a cruise?!

Blueberry juice wins – I knew it! Blueberry juice isss better than pomegranate juice for antioxidants!

Roses aren’t just for smelling – Many international pastry chefs have been incorporating rose water and rose petals into their pastries!

The effect of higher food prices – Going out to eat might be less of a treat these days…now that quality is at risk.

Going Danish – The latest cuisine to permeate its way into  the American stockpot of worldly cuisines hails from Denmark.

Also, don’t forget to enter the Chew on That contest!
Contest ends May 14.

Tell us about your favorite local food!

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  • Erin

    The going Dutch article is about Danish food… fyi.

  • Hillary

    Thank you – this has been corrected.

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