Chicago Food Giveaway Contest


Readers, you’ve given us so much over the last year, so now it’s our turn to give something to you! We’d like to present our very first Chew on That giveaway contest!

Through our continual Top Chef Chicago coverage and our video on How To Make a Chicago Hot Dog, you may have guessed we’re just a little bit proud of our Chicago heritage. So now, in order to give you a REAL Taste of Chicago we’re giving away a Lou Malnati’s™ “Tastes of Chicago” Ultimate Chicago Taste Combo with a value of $89.95!

To enter, simply post a comment to the bottom of this post telling us about YOUR favorite local food or restaurant. Remember to include where you are from!

*Contest has been extended one more week*

On May 14, On May 21, at 10 a.m., we’ll choose a winner at random and announce the winner on the blog.

US residents may enter contest. No purchase necessary. For alternative method of entry and privacy policy, visit the official contest rules.

Good luck! Can’t wait to read everyone’s comments!

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  • Susan Simon

    Alternative method of entry.

  • Rebecca Gillard

    Alternative method of entry.

  • Brandy Coyne

    Alternative method of entry.

  • Kym Ellis

    Alternative method of entry.

  • Laura Ostrem

    Alternative method of entry.

  • Carissa Davis

    Alternative method of entry.

  • Elaine Prospers

    Alternative method of entry.

  • Jennifer Schroeder

    Alternative method of entry.

  • Geraldine Zwerling

    Alternative method of entry.

  • vanessa hunter

    I am from the Bronx, NY and I love the seafood in City Island!

  • Helen

    I’m from El Paso, TX and we have the best TexMex!

  • Kristin

    In Eugene, OR I like Shojis, a Japanese teppan-yaki restaurant.

  • Hillary

    It is now 10 am CST, meaning the contest is over. Any comments made after this one will not be entered into the contest.

    Thanks everyone for your comments!

  • Sue Polovina

    I grew up in Phoenix, but lived in Chicago for 5 years in my 20′s. I so miss La Pasadita’s burritos over on Asheland/Division!! The best!!

  • joan o

    I live in Seminole Florida and I dont know about local flavor but Hooters wings started here

  • Angie P.

    I live in southern New Jersey just outside Philly, and you cannot beat a real Philly cheesesteak. (Not) surprisingly, some of the best ones are to be found here in SNJ (must be those expats from South Philly).

  • kathy pease

    i live in vt and my favorite restaraunt is the weathervane..awesome seafood :)

  • kathy pease

    i live in vermont and my favorite place to eat is the weathervane :) awesome seafood..geeeeez now im hungry :(

  • Katt Lewis

    I’m originally from Chicago, live in Florida and my taste runs towards Cajun or just plain Florida seafood.

  • Karin Valerius

    I’m from Chicago. We have the best pizza in the USA, and, of course, Lou Malnati’s is my favorite. My friends that come to visit out of state can’t wait to go there and have some of Lous Malnati’s delicious pizza. I would love to win this contest! Pizza is my favorite food.

    Please & Thanks!

  • http://n/a A Casson

    Pittburgh, PA
    Love Paolo’s Pizza & Pastaria

  • Lanae

    I’m from Elko, NV. (Don’t live there anymore though) I miss the Basque food. It’s absolutely awesome! Can’t get it anywhere else. Order your entree (filet mignon, breaded prawns, pork chops, etc.) then get salad and bread, soup, french fries, spaghetti, green beans, sometimes potatoes, and your entree. With the wine. Then dessert. Oh man, my mouth waters just thinking about it! Plus you have a Picon Punch before dinner. You have got to try Basque food!

  • Julia Semans

    I live in Minnesota now, but just got back from a visit home to Syracuse, NY. Has to be the best food in the world! I ate pulled pork at Dinosaur Barbecue, and had to have a Heid’s hot dog. Had pizza 3 times, no bad pizza in Syracuse!
    Of course had to have Grandma Brown’s Baked Beans, Columbus Bakery Italian Bread, and salt potatoes. And a Haddock and pasta dinner at Steak and Sundae!
    I’m crying now!

  • Rosanne Morrison

    I’m Italian originally from Chicago but have lived in Rockford, IL for over 30 years. The best pizza in the world bar none is a local Italian restaurant named Lino’s on State St. Try it if you ever visit Rockford, Their pizza and special salad is my favorite. My sons who live out of the city, out of state and out of the country all want it when they come home to visit.

  • landa bethea

    I am from jacksonville nc where Hilda’s restaurant is the place for great home cooking.

  • Dawn Samble

    Once a year I go to Windsor Locks in Ct and always get the Saltimbocca at Stellas it fantabulous but H&M sandwiches are a close 2nd

  • margaret palmer

    from chicago,but live by fort lenardwood in mo. now.miss the food in chi i guess its ryans.always something good.

  • mark deane

    i’m from chi town south side i live in papillion NE. I NEVER ATE CARP BEFORE I MOVED HERE, IF YOU HAVE NEVER EATEN CARP MAN AT JOE TESS IT’S THE BEST.

  • debbie debartolo

    Coming from Brooklyn, NY, we thought we had the best pizza. That is until we came out to Lincroft NJ and tasted Luigi’s Famous Pizza. Everytime would visit, we insisted on their pizza. It is thin and crunchy and the sauce is sweet and salty. There is just enough cheese on it. I would say that this is the best pizza I have tasted in a long time. Hope the contest is still on!!!! ilove2cook2

  • Sharon Jones

    I live in Macon, GA. The south is known for it’s good cooking. There’s all sorts to choose from. My favorite restaurant is Fresh Air BarBQue. They actually started up the road about 60 miles in Jackson, GA. There they have sawdust on the floors and wooden planked tables and benches. Here in Macon the ambiance is not as authentic, but the food is excellent. Their pulled pork recipe has won them recognition across the state if not the country.

  • Bethany Moore

    I live in Chicago and my favorite local restaurant is a place called Oven Grinders! They have the coolest pizza that comes in a bowl and the sauce is some sort of blended meat and tomato combo. Their Mediterranean bread is fantastic as well!

  • Lisa Collins

    Annie’s in El Paso, Arkansas! Good Food. Good Service. Right Price. Perfect Atmosphere.

    One of the coolest things about Annie’s (besides the monstrous mushroom burger) is that you can eat you food in booths made out of antique horse drawn buggies. Its the perfect place to go on a date.

  • Las Vegas Nightlife

    Alternative method of entry.

  • Dana Stradley

    Howdy! I grew up in South Jersey, lived in Florida for a while and now I currently reside in Amarillo, TX. I thought I would mention a favorite in each state! In South Jersey, diners are THE place to go so my vote would be for Medport Diner in Medford, NJ or Olga’s in Marlton, NJ. My vote in Florida would be a little restaurant in Sarasota, Fl called “The Main Bar”. It was originally started by retired circus performers with Ringling’s circus. Amarillo’s vote, for me, would be “The Texas Roadhouse”. My husband and I love to go there. They have THE best steaks, bleu cheese dressing, and their rolls are to die for!

  • myra cochran

    I live in Concord NC. My favorite resturant is called Smokey Bones. The ribs are finger licking ggod. The staff is all very nice. The homemade doughnuts and the dipping sauce are a killer. You can watch sports and eat ribs and drink beer. It is a great way to end a day or start your weekend.

  • Brittany

    I love anyplace that has a good set of hot wings! I am really into buffalo wild wings right now! Nothing is better than the stinging on your tongue and sauce all over your fingers! HA! Bring on the wings!

  • Stainless Steel Mixing Bowls

    Thanks for the ideas everyone. I was only to Chicago once and loved the food. Where I live in Florida they have seemed to put up alot of Chicago themed restaurants in the last few years. But there is nothing like being in Chicago.

  • AlexsaZ

    Hi, I live in Riga, Latvia, and frankly it is very fond of the national cuisine. My favorite restaurant is called “pies from Aunt Glasha” is a wonderful place overlooking the bay

  • Becky

    I enjoy eating at Joy Yee Noodle. I am from Chicago

  • Michael Squires

    I live in Los Angeles now but I was born and raised in The Great City of Chicago. Being in California, the choices we have for (Good) pizza are very slim. I love Lou’s and order it. But when I crave Chicago food I go to Portillos in Buena Park, Ca. which is around 15 miles away from where I live. Fingers crossed in hopes to get some Lous………

  • Christina Cambray-Valencia

    I am born and raised in Chicago, my favorite place to eat hands down is Gino’s East. The story begins 4 years ago, March 18th the day my husband and I got married. After our reception we went to relax at a hotel in downtown chicago. We were both tipsy and exhausted not to mention hungry. We heard a knock on the door, my husband opened the door and found a pizza at our front door. Now normally we wouldnt eat something left at our front door but we figured it was a thoughtfull gift from a friend or family member. It was the first time either of us had ever tried it. and we fell in love with the traditional tasty deep dish pizza. The next day we made a couple of calls to try and figure out who sent it over so we can thank them. We never found out who sent it, but it was a blessing because my husband and I go there very often now. every time we share the story with someone new. It reminds us of the day we started out new live together….

  • Maureen

    I am born and raised in Chicago (North/westside), I would have to say one my my favorite places is Superdawg!! Love how it’s been there since the 50′s and my dad tells me stories of when he’d go there with his buddy’s, love that the taste hasn’t changed, and good atmosphere over all.

  • Kim D’Amico

    I’ve lived in Chicago my whole life and it’s hard to pick one great food place.I have to say that my favorite place is Kumas Korner, they have a Very cool atmosphere and a delicious variety of Hamburgers.

  • ivis velez

    i am from chicago,ill humboldt park are i iove subway restaurants johns pizzeria burger king mcdonalds taco burrito king mmm sounds great

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