Making Matzah Brie

Matzah Brei

As I mentioned in my post on Preparing for Passover, one of the things I was most excited to eat this holiday was matzah brie. A common staple in my Passover household, we had a request in the comments for some tips on just how to make the yummy fried matzah egg concoction.

The process is actually quite simple. Think of it as making scrambled eggs – you’re just adding matzah. But, you do have to be careful not to overestimate your egg to matzah ratio. It’s important that the matzah be the main event.

Maxine has supplied us with a wonderful and easy recipe for delicious matzah brie.

Matzah Brie (Fried Matzah)

Our family cooks this every year on Passover. We don’t soak the matzah in advance, we simply add it to the egg mixture. And jelly is a must! Cherry, raspberry, grape…they all taste delicious with fried matzah!


4 pieces matzah
4 eggs
2 Tbs. milk
1 Tbs. butter
Salt and pepper to taste


Break up matzah and soak in water for a few minutes. In another bowl, combine eggs, milk, salt and pepper and whisk until combined. Add in matzah and stir until all combined.

Heat a fry pan with the butter and add the matzah mixture. Cook until desired texture, using a spatula to move matzah around and avoid burning. Taste and season if neccesary.

Serve with jelly if desired.

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  • Lydia (The Perfect Pantry)

    Everyone has her own method — mine is posting tomorrow! Any way you cook it — really delicious. I could eat it every day.

  • Jamie

    Thanks for the recipe! I’ve literally been making it for pretty much one meal a day…. haha!

  • Patsyk

    Your matzo brie looks wonderful! It’s my favorite dish during Passover, and I hope to get in 1-2 more servings of it if I can get my hubby to make it! :)

  • justine

    I love matzo brie. My mom made it for me today : ) Nothin’ like home cookin’ And I used our page as a source. Thanks!


  • wendie

    trying to locate a rescipe for hemsel my father always made it for me durning passover and pass-away before telling or showing me how it was made I am hoping someione has heard of the dish and can pass the resipe on
    thank you

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