Food In The News: Weekly Roundup

Is kosher the new “organic”? – In the wake of Passover, both kosher wines and matzo grab the attention of Jews AND non-Jews alike.

Parisian Prunes – Prunes are taking the place of chocolate and other well known Parisian delicacies. Apparently there something to try!

Green Cooking – No, I’m not talking about your green vegetables, I’m talking about Earth Day! Be Eco-friendly in the kitchen on Tuesday, April 22nd!

Argentinean Summer – This summer season, wines from South America, particularly Argentina emerge as “cool” and “refreshing.

Green tea has yet another benefit – This study shows it’s said to prevent arthritis!

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  • Anna

    Hey Hillary,Thanks again for anothe great article. I have to say that green tea really does helps with Arthritis. I have been drinking green tea for about a year and a half and I sure have noticed that the pain in my hands and knees are so much better. Green tea does help. Anna

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