On Starbucks’ New Coffee

If you haven’t heard, Starbucks has made some major changes lately: they’ve redesigned their logo, came up with a new roast of coffee, and even changed their CEO! We’re not sure if it’s for the better or worse, but hey, change equals publicity!

Have you tried the new Pike Place Roast yet? The idea behind it is going back to their old roots with a fresh approach to brewing coffee. Inspired by Pike Place Market, located in Seattle (which we might as well call the city where coffee was born), the new roast is brewed fresh every 30 minutes in every Starbucks store across the world (and you know that’s a lot of Starbucks).

Tasting events were originally hosted in Seattle and New York but the Pike Place Roast is slowly making itself known around the country. Not to mention, I’ve heard that every Wednesday until May 28th, they’re giving away a free cup of the stuff to get the taste out. So, it’s Wednesday – go get yourself a free cup of coffee!

You’ll thank me later for telling you. I on the other hand had to pay for my sample, because I bought mine on Monday, and no one informed me prior that it’d be free on Wednesday! What a waste of $1.82!

I ordered mine black so I could taste its true flavor, completely unmessed with. It was…pretty good! I liked the bitterness (some people hate bitter coffee, but I’m not one of them). It tasted fresh I guess you could say, but it could be that the marketing has gotten to my head.

Since I don’t drink coffee all that regularly anymore, I don’t know that I would go to Starbucks to order this, but I applaud the efforts to try and reinvent themselves as a legitimate coffeehouse as opposed to just a “mochafrappuccinolattetazoberrycaramelchailemonademacchiato”-bearing institution.

But their logo? I still don’t get it. Props to Serious Eats for conducting a great rundown of the Starbucks Logo history. See it here.

In the meantime, check out our Starbucks recipes!

Starbucks Eggnog Latte
Starbucks Holiday Mulled Spice Cider
Starbucks Gingerbread Latte (my personal favorite!)
Starbucks Caramel Apple Cider
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  • http://www.getheirloomtomatoes.com Anna

    Hey Hillary, I don’t drink Starbucks coffee. I really can’t afford it.Actually,I don’t buy a cup of coffee anywhere anymore.The price is just too much.On the other hand, my friend drives to Starbucks every morning.She really doesn’t like the new coffee.Good info.Thanks Anna

  • http://www.gojicapital.com/blog/ Phyllis V

    Honestly i can’t afford starbucks either, and if you are ever in central FL, go to a Racetrack gas station. Get their America blend, they also sell it on the shelf. You will be amazed, and it is strong! Oh yeah!

  • Flo Saforo

    I got a free coupon at work, which is the only way I would drink their coffee. From day one, their overly strong coffee has made my stomach sick, I’d have to get 50/50, half water and half coffee just to drink it and only as a last result of having to work two jobs and location.

    I’m glad I had the coupon, their new coffee is just a slight weaker version of their regular gasoline tasting brew. I do like their pastries though.


  • Audrey R

    I’ve tried Starbucks exactly twice. The first time I hated it so much, I decided a couple of years later I just had to go back and retry it. Hey, I figured I was having a bad taste day the first time or something to that effect. Well, after going for round 2, I decided that my first impression is always the correct one and will never attempt Starbucks again. What is all the hoopla about?? It is the most vilest tasting coffee I’ve ever tried. Talk about bitter! If I had this coffee in a diner, I’d send it back. Now we have to pay big bucks…which by the way, would be a better name than star bucks…get it?? But I digress…now we have to pay big bucks for vile, bitter, yucky coffee too? No way Jose…I’ll stick to my Folgers Crystals, I’ll be paying waaaaay less and enjoying it too!

  • http://Recipe4living Tpasouthernbelle

    I filled out the survey last week for Starbucks and still haven’t gotten a response. The last 4 cups of coffee, latte’s have been bad. Either luke warm, too strong, too week, just not a good cup of joe. I started going back to Duncan Doughnuts. Much better cup of coffee, but there isn’t one close to me in downtown Tampa. I will not intentionally go to Starbucks again. I am so tired of the inconsistant cup of coffee!!!!!!!!!!

  • Coon

    Last I heard from our troops oversees was that some had requested Starbucks to send some goody-bags. Starbucks stated they did not support the war, therefor they do not support the troops, therefor no goody-bags.
    I do not support the war,but I do support the troops. It ain’t there war, it’s there duty. I will not support Starbucks until they go public and say they support our troops. Thank you

  • http://www.typetive.com/candyblog cybele

    I’m not keen on Starbucks. I think I go there about once a month and always get a regular cup of drip, so I am curious about the new blend.

    Last Thursday I thought I’d give it a try, but as I parked my car, I noticed how long the line was, I glanced over at the Winchell’s Donuts place that shares the lot that was nearly empty and went there instead. (Not bad, but definitely worth the $1.19 I paid for a medium.)

  • Fayzie

    I wouldn’t buy, taste, or anything that has to do with starbucks. They do not support our troops and therefore I will not support them.

  • Emily

    That’s asinine, Fayzie and Coon. Way to spread unfounded rumors. This one has been circling around the Internet for a year or more. Starbucks has never claimed to be against the war, and they have certainly never stated that they did not “support the troops.”

    Did you stop to consider that any charitable donation Starbucks makes must be approved through a lengthy chain of command? Starbucks is not franchised, yet many individual Starbucks employees donate their “markout” (that’s a pound of coffee or a box of tea) every week.

    In short, if you don’t like their coffee, don’t go. I don’t really like it, myself. But don’t boycott Starbucks because you think they are “unpatriotic” or any such tripe. At least do your research.

    Thanks for the laugh, though. Nothing funnier than unfounded righteous indignation.

    How’s that boycott working out for you, by the way? Starbucks must be suffering.

  • GlennWalker

    “located in Seattle (which we might as well call the city where coffee was born)”

    Seattle home of coffee? Try Ethiopia in 850 and the first coffee house? Constantinople. 1475.

    First coffee house in the US came loooooonnnnnnnnnng after it was popular in the rest of the world. So perhaps Seattle introduced coffee to the US it is hardly the home of coffee.

  • http://ATT Josie Daughety

    I just started drinking coffee again and I think starbucks is very good and I only buy it every once in a while.

  • coffeelover

    Let me offer a very educated insight on Starbucks coffee. First off I have worked for Starbucks and to the average person who knows nothing about the finer coffees,let me give you a little advise.. There are more kinds of coffee that Starbucks sells than the coffee that is offered on their daily brew. Being a former employee I can attest that not all the brews are to my personal liking and some are just a little intense even for me, who loves the straight up espresso. For those who do not like a very strong coffee i would suggest that you go with a Breakfast Blend or even a lighter Light Note Blend. Being a former Starbucks Barista, I would suggest that you get to know your Barista that serves you.They have to be very knowlegable about the various brands that are offered and can help you find something to your liking.The training that a Barista has to go through is very complex they are not just a run of the mill employee, they know where the coffees are from, how the beans are roasted, the acidity and body of the coffee and most of all what foods the coffees taste best with. I will say in short that their coffee is top notch and not for the “settle for less than quality” folks. There is more to the coffee industry than meets the eye and i was surprised at how much goes in to the process of the coffee that is offered by Starbucks. Come on people do some research before you condemn an organization that a whole lot of people love. I love Starbucks and enjoyed working for the company and I will always be a loyal customer as well.

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    I think it’s good to be flexible in todays business climate but I can’t say I am a fan of the new logo. I love the logo history though – very interesting and thanks for including that!

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