Food In The News: Weekly Roundup

Women Winos – Wine sellers are targeting their marketing toward women, because apparently women make up 60-70% of the wine industry’s consumers! Who knew?

I’ll have the egg cocktail?? - More and more restaurants are serving egg-based cocktails. Sounds gross.

Change in the face of meat production – This year marked the first International Meat Production Conference, where experts assess how to continue meat production without destroying our planet.

Fenway Foodery – Don’t you just wish you lived in Boston (if you don’t already)? I do! Fenway Park has chefs prepare food for fans AND they have kosher vending machines!

“Driving thru” history – Ode Magazine looks at the history of the drive thru. Has the fast food industry changed?

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  • Cakespy

    Yeah–what IS up with all of those eggy cocktails? I think they are two worlds, while both excellent, that should be left apart.

  • JDebs

    I could go for some kosher vending machines in the midwest ballparks:)

  • True Diet Reviews

    For women winos – Yes! My mom and aunt can attest to that :)

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