The Top Chef Cookbook!

Leave it to me to completely fall for the Top Chef Cookbook. Even though I have my occasional tiffs with the show, I’ll always be a fan of Top Chef. So why not indulge in some memorabilia? There are certainly some recipes on the show I’ve always wanted and it’d be great to have them all together in a handy little book.

And boy, did I not know what I was getting myself into! Most of the recipes are gorgeous of course, but this book is not just recipes. It’s everything and anything you ever wanted to know about the Top Chef program and more!

Aside from the predictable chef bios and judge bios, there are: “elimination brackets”., season finale recaps, maps of the Top Chef kitchen and pantry (including full ingredient lists)…basically anything you could possibly think of.

But back to the food. The book is full of 100+ recipes from the first 3 seasons of the show. Judging from the pictures, there are three recipes that if resources allowed, I would love to make:

1. Season 1 Dave’s Truffle Mac N’ Cheese

Made during Episode 9′s elimination challenge to “prepare a dish with expensive black truffles.” It is not being served in his restaurant.

2. Season 2 Marcel’s Curried Lamb Kabobs

Made during Episode 10′s Quickfire where the challenge was to Create a snack using mayonnaise, barbecue sauce or Italian dressing.

3. Season 3 Hung’s Winning Molten Chocolate Cakes with Vanilla Creme Fraiche, Raspberry Coulis and Nougatine Tuiles

Made during the final episode’s elimination challenge as part of the challenge to “cook the best meal of your life.”

I recommend you check out this book! Oh and I apologize for some of the poor photographs…Yay Top Chef!

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  • RecipeGirl

    Brilliant! Are the recipes as complicated as the top chefs made them out to be? I seem to recall all kinds of interesting ingredients!

  • Josh

    Great usage of the word tiff! kudos!

  • Anna

    Hey Hillary,I really never have seen the Top Chef show. Guess I need to check it out. The receips look great. Thanks for the info. Where can you get the cook book? Anna

  • Antonio

    i might have to go out and buy this.. top chef is amazing! who’s your favorite this season?

  • taste memory girl

    yeah – I know what you mean…couldn’t take my eyes off the show last night (meals on wheels fundraiser).

    Well at least so much better than some of food network’s programming….though I love Anthony Bourdain’s NR, which is confusing because I think it started at FN then went to Travel Channel and now reruns at FN?!

  • melissa

    another one to add to my amazon list. sounds great!

  • Addie

    Hillary, do you know what you just did to cookbook junkies like myself? Do I leisurely read this out in the yard on the chaise? Or do I take it on the plane and let everyone know and see what I am reading? Proud food snob that I am. Or do I give it as a Christmas present to my six friends who are bigger food snobs than me? As a devotee` of Top Chef, I think I will do all three!

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