Foodie Fight!

If ever a board game was in high demand, Foodie Fight would be it. Remember hannukah way back in December? That’s when I was supposed to get this board game but due to an overwhelming amount of back orders, I didn’t get it until just recently.

Fortunately, it was worth the wait!

It comes in a cute little box with a magnetic lid that opens up to display a silk pouch, a box of trivia cards, and 6 game boards.

Each board has six “dishes” on it representing six different food-related categories, and the directions are inside the box in a “recipe card” format. The object is to answer trivia questions correctly in order to fill up your board. Each dish is comprised of three pieces, making a total of 18 correct answers necessary to win the game.

The categories are:

Foodiesphere – Food people, world cuisines, and food places.
Food Stars - Food on film and in print, music and art.
Company’s Coming – Party planning, table etiquette, and wine and food pairing.
Lab and Field – Cooking science, nutrition, and food production.
Dining Out – Eateries, chefs, menu matters and restaurant service.
What’s Cooking? - Cooking techniques, tools, and ingredients.

So far, I’ve only played once but I intend to play again and again (It’s too bad there isn’t a refill pack that I could pre-order!) Based on one play, it seems my strongest category is “What’s Cooking?” but keep in mind that when I say strongest, that doesn’t mean I was good at it – just better than the others.

So yes, this game is quite challenging. By no means would I call myself a knowledgeable foodie compared to the rest of you, but I thought writing for a food blog might help. And so far, so BAD! I’ll reiterate it one more time that I am terrible at this game. But hey, it’s fun to learn new things and I’m pretty sure that’s the point.

Be prepared to answer questions like how many bubbles are in a bottle of champagne or what vegetable is some times referred to as “Swiss”, after a 16th-century botanist? They even have questions about food blogs!

I highly recommend you try and get your hands on a copy of this game. I’m not going to say it’ll be easy but it’s worth the trying. Here are some sites that carry it: Sur La Table,, and Uncommon Goods.

A big thank you to my aunt and uncle not only for getting me this game for Hannukah, but for bearing with the annoying back order process – oh and also, for playing with me! Since my aunt is definitely a knowledgeable foodie, she pretty much whooped my butt. Enjoy!

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  • melissa

    no way!! hahaha how cool. this is so going on my amazon list.

  • Anna

    Hey Hillary,This game sounds like a lot of fun.We all here like to play board games and my “Hubs” beats me all the time.One thing for sure, you make a lot of special menories. Thanks again Hillary for a nice blog. Anna

  • Jennifer

    I’m glad you managed to get this game. I, too was searching for this game around Christmas time and was having trouble. I finally found it on Uncommon Goods and bought it for my boyfriend. He loved it and we have only played once. We didn’t finish the game that time because it was taking so long due to the fact that we couldn’t get any right. haha

    It’s fun to play anyhow and you are right about it being a learning experience.

  • kittie

    I don’t think I’d be any use at this – but I’d have a lot of fun trying!
    Cool game – will need to see if it can be delivered to the UK!

  • Kristina

    I love food and board games… my two loves in one! I will have to track this down.

  • Nilmandra

    Sounds like a lot of fun. I’ve never heard of it before, thanks for blogging about this. My problem would be finding other people interested enough to play this with me lol! Hey, maybe they should launch an online version ;)

  • True Diet Reviews

    Trivia Pursuit for food, I am definitely breaking this out at the next holiday get together.

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