Food In The News: Weekly Roundup

Matzo Mayhem - Manischewitz, the largest producer of matzo for Passover won’t be ready in time for Passover due to trouble with new machinery. Get excited for grocery store fights!

Shoestring budget = gourmet?? – Renowned chefs demonstrate that $40 in ingredients can go a long way!

Reality of food reality – Is it the food or the competition factor that drives us to watch countless cooking competitions?

Umami undertaking – Chefs capitalize on less widely known “fifth sense” of flavor.

Olive oil tasting – Is olive oil the new wine?? It’s fastly becoming so!

Tune in for next week’s roundup of food in the news!

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  • JDebs

    Thank you, Hillary, for bringing my attention to the Tam Tam shortage!! I was unaware!!!

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