Food In The News: Weekly Roundup

Chefs join blogosphere – More and more chefs are noting the importance of the blogging industry and sharing their notorious ideas and opinions on the Int-er-net.

White bread is STILL bad for you -  Study shows negative health effects of eating white bread. Go grains!

Drink up! It’s actually healthy (in moderation)  -  Alcohol can improve heart health if consumed regularly in moderate amounts, study shows.

Marshmallows turn up in the most odd places -  A unique chef pairs marshmallow witha cheddar bacon sandwich. Maybe not the healthiest thing, but intriguing!

Have some beer in with your holidays – The Star recommends a lamb recipe made and accompanied by beer for the upcoming St. Patrick’s Day and Easter.

If you have any feedback or newsworthy food information, feel free to share in the comments or e-mail it to us for next week’s round up at chewonthatblog [at] gmail [dot] com .

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