Top Chef Chicago Watch

Ever since Top Chef Season 3 came to a close, we’ve been bursting at the seams in anticipation for season 4, also known as Top Chef Chicago. And tonight, we’re finally feeding our appetites! Yes, Top Chef Season 4 begins tonight and will be on every Wednesday at 10/9 CST. With a season filmed in our very own hometown, how could we not be excited?

So, we’re going to start a little something we like to call: Top Chef Chicago Watch. Every Thursday, we’re going to rehash each episode right here at Chew on That. We’ll go through the rundown of each Chicago locale visited and the Chicago-inspired challenges the cheftestants had to face (ahem, tonight just might have something to do with Deep Dish Pizza). We can’t wait!

And speaking of which, as if our beloved humble city wasn’t getting enough attention, two of the cheftestants live in Chicago! Special recognition goes out to Stephanie Izzard and Valerie Bolon of Chicago, two of our very own. We’re proud that they have made it on to the show and we hope they do well! Stephanie (we’ll be using first names throughout this series) is the former chef/owner of Scylla, a Chicago seafood restaurant, while Valerie is a personal chef trained by Kendall college, a Chicago culinary school. A third chef, Dale, is also from Chicago but now resides and works in New York City.


1. Tune in tonight for the season premiere of Top Chef Chicago on Bravo TV at 10/9 CST.

2. Check Chew on That every Thursday for a summary of each episode and a roundup of the locations they visited in our home town!


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