As If You Needed Another Reason To Go To France

This house is made out of grapefruits, lemons and all sorts of citrus. Look crazy? Well there are countless of them made each year at the annual LEMON FESTIVAL in Menton, a small city in the Southeast of France.

Crazy, right?

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  • Joy

    Oh my goodness, I can almost smell how good they are! That’s incredible. Love it!

  • sid

    absolutely amazing!!

  • Chuck

    Anyone want some fresh lemonade. Truly amazing!

  • Bri

    That is so beyond cool! Why don’t we do stuff like that here?!

  • Catherine Chandler

    Just think of all the starving people that house could feed. Shame to waste so much good food!

  • Cenk

    Wow! I am speechless. Thanks for sharing the link!

  • emily

    I went to the Lemon Festival (or, Fete de Citron) 3 years ago and indeed, it’s amazing in all senses (no pun intended).

  • Lauri Mosbrucker

    They wouldn’t have to worry about houseatosis, unless it all rotted!!! Very nice!! I would be willing to try that!

  • Ronda

    This is awesome. But too many wasted lemons :)

  • Flights to France

    Excellent creativity! Everyone should be there once at the time of Lemon festival to enjoy the essence of creativity and flavor of lemons and other citrus fruits.

  • London Paris Train

    The Menton web site has changed, so the link above no longer works. But the new version can be found here:

    The lemon festival is a real joy to visit and goes on for 15 days!

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