A Steppenwolf Opening Night at Adobo

Over the weekend, I attended the opening night of “Carter’s Way” at Steppenwolf Theatre, a renowned Chicago stage, known for its unique productions and intimate space.I was fortunate to know someone working there (ahem, thank you Becky!) who invited me to this opening night affair, and considering the after party, it really was quite an affair.

Adobo Grill, an adorable Mexican restaurant, played host to the after-theatre soiree, wining and dining the actors, crew members and all their loved ones. Even I felt like a celebrity!

As soon as we walked in the door, waiters dashed over to find out our beverage choices. I chose the margarita that came in a martini glass. Rimmed with sugar and salt, it seemed to be their specialty. And delicious as it was, the best part about it was that the waiters would walk around with margarita shakers in hand and refill any glass that seemed even half empty. You could never have an empty glass if you tried.

We had the place to ourselves, all 400+ of us. So anything and everything was fair game. You could sit and have a more formal style of dining or you could stand and shmooze by the bar. Either way, they would trample you with food and drinks…We chose a table.

And on that table, we had fresh guacamole, salsa and chips waiting for us. I was starving, so even this simple Mexican staple made me incredibly happy. And then, oh then, the food came out. Ceviche, tamales, empanadas, taquitos, shrimp, chocolate cake, churros…seriously, if it’s Mexican, you name it! I was in Mexican heaven, and there didn’t seem to be an end in sight. The waiters kept restocking our plates, just like they did our margaritas. And of course it was all delicious, mind you.

Celebrity treatment as it was, on one hand you could just say they were doing a great job. But on the other, you might say they thought I was among the likes of oh, say, Heather Graham. Because guess what?! She was there! Sadly, I didn’t get to see her (I just like to name drop).

Needless to say, opening night parties are a fun experience, or at least, this one was. The play was fantastic, hanging out with the actors was even better, but the party was the best.

I would definitely go back to Adobo Grill. They sure made an impression on me.

Adobo Grill
1610 N. Wells
Chicago, IL 60614

Recipe suggestions: Easy Guacamole, Good Gollee Tamales, Churros, Fried Plantains,

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