How Do You Feel About Flavored Water?

Well in case you were wondering, here’s what I think:

There’s a flavored water revolution that has been taking our grocery stores by storm, and in the early stages, I was no such supporter. Call me a bandwagon fan or a closed-minded individual, but the thought of selling a sugared down drink as “flavored water” really annoyed me, quite frankly, at first.

But for some reason, flavored water has become sort of my savior lately. Every morning I wake up with a dry mouth and crave, ache rather, for something cold and refreshing. A sip of water would certainly do the trick but ever since we bought our new refrigerator (with the water dispenser in the front), I’ve thought our water tastes funny. No offense to our refrigerator but the water it dispenses is lukewarm and just plain bad. I could add ice but I still don’t like it, and it certainly doesn’t suit my morning criteria of cold and refreshing.

Enter: a free sample of O blueberry flavored water. I was handed a couple bottles by a grocery store giving them away and decided to give them a try and refrigerate them. I tried one on the spot and it wasn’t bad. The next morning, dry mouth and all, I tested its abilities to quench my thirst.

And it was that moment that changed my opinion about flavored water. But I have a caveat: it has to be true slightly flavored water. I’m picky about my flavored water. It can’t have sugar. And it most definitely cannot be colored.

How do you feel? Would you or do you drink flavored water?

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  • awsome

    Flavored water is the worst idea ever. Water in its own right is the most refreshing thing there is. By adding flavor you are just making a simple healthy refreshing thing more complex, thus less pure and in turn your exposing your body to more chemicals.

  • Joy

    I’ve never liked flavored water. It’s either you give me lots of flavor or nothing at all, I can’t take anything in between. Haha. The flavored water coming out these days make me thirstier…so weird!

  • melissa

    sorry but I agree with awsome. then again, you know what a HUGE water drinker I am!

  • Julie

    I have seen these and have been curious about trying the cucumber one.

  • jamie

    I definitely agree with awesome. Water is amazing on it’s own…I don’t like when people tamper with it.

  • Alex

    Yeah, flavored water is a good stuff. Even if for weighlosers – they need to drink it instead of sodas.

  • http://recipe4living Lana

    no flavored water for me. I have an R O system and carry my own sweet water with me. As far as I am concerned it is just another way to make money when drinking water has become so popular.

  • karen bicknell

    I absolutely love lemon propel!!!!In an age when everything seems to be unhealthy for us it is nice to have a propel to go!!!!!

  • Addie

    Have you ever gone on a hike and come across a fast running stream? You bend down and scoop up a handfull of water. It is icy cold and taste so good. That is what water is supposed to taste like. Our city water leaves a lot to be desired. But fortunately we have a fresh tasting spring water plant in our area. Most bottled water is nothing but tap water. Paying one water bill is enough for me. I don’t need to be paying someone else’s also.

  • jeanne brink

    Because the tap water tastes so bad ever where I have lived, I never use to drink any water. Since they came out with the flavored water, I now drink it every day. I know it is more healthy to drink water than any other substance and if I have to pay to be healthier, then it is worth it. I only drink the water that has no sugar and that still tastes like water.

  • Marie

    When you can buy a product with no calories, no additives, no preservatives, how can you go wrong, everything is 0%, read your information on the product first, and then decide if it is bad for you!

  • Leah Warner

    I have had the same experience with my refrigerator dispensed water tasting bad.
    In checking around, I was told that it is the plastic tubing that gives it that off taste. I had mine disconnected and use a Brita pitcher with a filter. One filter makes forty gallons of drinking water. Keep a record of how many you fill so that you will know when to change the filter. I live alone so it is not difficult to keep track of how many pitchers I use. I have also used other brands of pitchers with filters such as,
    Pur and Culligan. They are all good.

  • Mary Ann

    Water is wonderful by itself. We have an under-the-counter filter system, and the water is tremendous. (Not quite as good as RO but second in line) The flavored water manufacturers just want to make money! Please check your labels….they contain artificial sweeteners, and they are REALLY BAD for you. Good, natural water for me!!!



  • Jenn

    Flavoured water has been great for us. My oldest son strongly dislikes drinking regular water (both tap and bottled.) This is the first time he has ever asked for water in his life! He drinks about 2-3 500ml bottles each day, and I feel good about giving it to him. My oldest is overweight, and this is the only thing he will drink that doesn’t add on the calories. We are searching for a cheaper alternative, however, as in the winter sales aren’t at all good for flavoured water.

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