Another Fabulous Package

If blog posts could be thank you notes, I’d make this into one.

In an ideal world, spring would come a little faster, and every town (or at least my hometown) would run exactly like a college campus.

No – it’s not the late night shenanigans of drunken frat boys that I miss. Nor is it the abundance of cheap pizza and crappy Chinese. It’s…

Getting fresh baked cookies delivered to your door late at night. Ah yes, college is the only place where that happens. It’s called Insomnia Cookies and it’s so genius, we’ve now written about it twice.

But since my college days are over, I’ve been jealous of those that still have access, and apparently have made this rather known to a select few.

I mean, what could be better than a peanut butter cookie taken straight out of the oven and delivered to your door? Ah well, I suppose you could make your own but where else could you get a cookie that’s one part M&M, one part sugar, and one part double chocolate chunk? Yea, that’s right, they’re geniuses because they came up with the “Menage a trois” cookie that merges three in one for those indecisive, intrigued-by-creative- company-ploys-to-make-more-money types (like me!).

Long story short, my cousin who is now at Indiana, hand delivered Insomnia cookies when he came into town the other night. The same cousin that sent me the pop-rock-infused chocolate to boot, he really goes overboard with delivering the treats.

So thank you, thank you, and thank you for the thoughtful and delicious present. It was definitely a nice surprise!

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