Culinary School Survey Provides Look Into Future of Food Industry

America’s menus are dictated by the professional chefs of today’s restaurants. But to find out what the future has in store, we must look to the younger generations, or in this case: the culinary students.

The International Culinary Schools at the Art Institutes, the country’s largest culinary program, conducted a survey to find out what types of cuisine its students plan to include in their future repertoires.

And here are the results…

Top individual cuisine of choice: Italian
68% of students surveyed chose Italian as the international world cuisine they plan to include in their future repertoire. French came in second with 53%, and Spanish in third with 47%. (Students were allowed to select more than one type of cuisine).

Top fusion cuisine of choice: Japanese and French
84% students said they would consider specializing in fusion cuisine, with Japanese and French as the frontrunner. Other close contenders were Thai and Mexican.

Many students claimed they would make environmentally friendly practices part of their plans as well, with 60% stating going green was “very important”.

The question now is, are these students actually transforming the food industry or are they being influenced by what’s already out there today?

To view the press release, click here.

Information courtesy of Craig Pellegrini and PR Newswire

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  • Anna

    Hey Hillary, what a nice article.Thank you for the information about what some of our kids are wanting to do to help our future food world.You are not going to believe this.Last Sunday evening at dinner my grand daughter ask her Mom and Dad what they thought about her becomming a chef and having her own resturant? She said she was going to do some research on schools to attend.Now I can send her this great article. Thanks Anna

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