Peanut Butter and Jelly…Toasted!

Toasted PB&J

I feel like a kid who just found out her goody bag was like 8 times smaller than all the other kids’. Sure, getting a pencil and candy are great, but now that I know they’ve been handing out gift certificates, it doesn’t really compare.

Yes, this is how I feel about toasted peanut butter and jelly. Random analogy as it may be, I feel like I’ve been gypped all these years. Sure, I’ve enjoyed my white bread slathered in peanut butter and grape jam, but no one ever told me you could toast it!

Hundred (thousands?) of sandwiches later, at age 22, I finally find out. I walk into the breakroom to pull out my planned lunch that shockingly consisted of something frozen and see a coworker pulling a sandwich out of the toaster. The room immediately smells like heaven and I say “Wow that smells good!

My coworker tells me it’s just peanut butter and jelly, to which I respond with shock and amazement. “You toast your peanut butter and jelly?!” Clever sandwich maker that I am (ha!), that thought never crossed my mind. Because I looked so dumbfounded and intrigued, said coworker was incredibly nice and let me use his ingredients to make myself one. And as you see above, so I did.

As soon as the toaster dinged, I grabbed it, cut it and immediately wanted to shove it in my mouth. But, I waited. I snapped a few photos first (just for you guys!) and then…shoved it in my mouth.

HOLY PEANUT BUTTER. It was delicious! The peanut butter melts and becomes gooier, the bread is crusty and warm, and the now heated jelly meshes with the peanut butter that much more.

So if you’re like me and haven’t yet discovered this genius idea, try it! It’s a great way to kick your peanut butter and jelly up a notch!

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  • Cork & Feast

    (Ssshh… don’t tell anyone, but a few of us crustless types have discovered that microwaving your PB&J (for a few seconds only) will land you in the same ooey-gooey heaven.)

    Either way, I agree. Warm PB&J’s are divine!

  • Joy

    I’ve always toasted my PBJ sandwich because I want my PB gooey and I can’t stand cold bread. :-)

    You’re making me want to make one now!

  • Jon Eick

    OMG. I can’t believe you used to eat PB&J on un-toasted bread. For PB&J I like to toast the bread first, then put the stuff on.

    But when I have peanut butter and honey, I grill it for a few minutes on my Foreman.


  • Freddie

    I discovered this little slice of heaven a few years ago. Growing up we had a bread box so the bread was always room temperature. Once I got married my wife sticks bread in the fridge. I don’t like cold bread either…hence toasted PB&J!

    I love them!

  • melissa

    I didn’t discover that little gem until a few years ago either, just before age 30. soooo good. I’m very happy for you hillary hahahaha.

  • JEP

    Grilled PB & honey is planned for my last meal on earth! How does PB & jelly not ooze out all over the insides of a regular toaster? Do you use a toaster-oven?

  • Seth

    pb&j on the george forman is the way to go for a quick snack

  • evil chef mom

    That’s my favorite sandwich and has been for years…welcome to the club! mmmm… even better on rye bread.

  • coworker

    For those concerned (JEP), toast the bread first!!

  • Miss Scarlett

    I was lucky enough to have discovered this at my grandma’s house as a child:) I still do it all the time. The PB gets all melty and wonderful and wow…I need to stop or I’m gonna want one!

  • Kate

    We made peanut butter TOAST as kids constantly. Toast the bread, spread the PB, and boom, you’re done. I never toasted the sandwich, itself. I think it may be simplier (and cleaner, to make toast and then spread, but of course that doesn’t make the peanut butter quite as warm and gooey as toasting the whole thing. Perhaps this is a must-try — I had PB*J on white bread last night for dinner. Gourmet.

  • Kaman

    You HAVE to try this with banana and Peanut butter! SO good!!!!!

  • Anna Kindler

    Hey Hillary,I just love the way you write. I have to confess that my teenage grand kids introduced me to the PB&J toasted just last year and guess what,I am 72 years old. Oh Well,better late than never. They are GREAT. Anna Kindler

  • Deborah

    This is how my husband and I always eat our PB&J. It is so much better!!

  • Us vs. Food

    is untoasted pb&j really even pb&j? thank goodness you’ve figured it out!

    Us vs. Food

  • Amelia

    Sometimes the simplest food provides the most comfort to us. :)And yes, toasted bread is simply the best, I cannot imagine my garlic bread without its ‘toast’ factor.

  • emily

    fyi, the toasted pb & j was elvis presley’s favorite snack!

    i grill mine like a grilled cheese sandwich – highly recommended!

  • Hillary

    Wow, I didn’t realize there was such a toasted PB&J following! Good to see :)

  • tigerfish

    Peanut butter and jelly,
    Peanut butter and jelly,
    Peanut butter and jelly is for me!

    But hubby only like peanut butter. I will take this combo!

  • kittie

    I have to confess… I’ve never tried PB&J – toasted or raw!! I love PB (esp on toast!) but had never been tempted by PB AND J! But I’m going to give it a go…

    By coincidence, this is something I’d been thinking about recently – saving the world one sandwich at a time!

  • Gabe

    Been eating these since I was young and mom made bread.
    Homemade apple butter and apple jelly too!
    These days, I like blackberry jam and the natural peanut butter (no added sugar). If I want it sweeter, I’ll do the pb and honey.
    For a change of pace in the winter, I occasionally reach for the mint apple jelly.
    I toast the bread in the toaster, butter both slices, then apply the toppings, assemble, and microwave for a couple seconds if I desire the warm center.


  • meg

    this sandwich is *extra* good with sliced bananas on it. and wash it down with a glass of chocolate milk. it was one of my favorite meals/snacks as a kid. :)

  • Addie

    Plain rice cakes with peanut butter popped into the toaster oven is heaven. The PB melts down into the rice cake.
    I am not surprised that warm PB is a hit with everyone. Is there any better cookie than a PB right from the oven?



  • Nancy

    The best ever taste treat with PB&J is a slightly toasted cinnamon/raisin bagel and while it’s still warm, spread with peanut butter, jelly and top with thinly sliced banana. Of course you do each side separately :) The C/R bagel makes the whole experience absolutely incredible!

  • http://lifestyle kathy

    I love PBKJ on a toasted english muffin in the morning for quick to go breakfast or break at work

  • W

    You might also enjoy it as french toast. However, I don’t add the jelly as I use syrup on it like regular french toast. My adult kids grew up with this and still fix it, as do I.

  • Dolly

    I never liked peanut butter until a camp cook introduced me to warm peanut butter & jelly sandwich that she grilled in a
    frying pan. Warm peanut butter & jelly sandwiches have been my favorite way to eat this snack since 1997!!

  • cheryl

    I can’t believe you just discovered this. I’ve been eating PBJ on toast for years and I’m 54 years old. Another good one is: butter your toast, place a slice or 2 of American cheese (or any type of your favorite cheese) on it and then spread strawberry jam on it. Sometimes I nuke it for a few seconds if the toast isn’t hot enough to soften the cheese. OMG!!! It’s heaven in your hand. Another one that is similar to this is making a grilled cheese but spread some jam on it before you grill it. This too is heaven. ENJOY!!

  • Shelly J

    Try toasting a (blueberry-or whole wheat) bagel then putting on crunchy peanut butter and grape or rasberry jam or jelly.
    Chewey,crunchy. Honey and peanut butter are also wonderful together. Ding!

  • nezzey

    try a grilled peanut butter with hershey square yummy

  • Bunny

    Toasted “fluffernutters” are divine. Toast the bread, then slather peanut butter on one slice, marshmallow fluff on the other and put ‘em together. Sweet, salty, crunchy, and gooey.

  • rh

    That’s not as good as open-faced PB&J broiled. The peanut butter melts and gets a little burnt too, and the jelly melts and bubbles. If you have the right kind of jelly, the bubbles will get gooey.

    Note the danger in this method – PB&J prepared this way makes VERY hot peanut butter and VERY hot jelly. We’ve burnt ourselves not being able to control how quick we eat it.

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