Super Fat Pancake Tuesday and all its Holiday Neighbors

We thought the holiday season was over January 1st, but it seems our little “shortest month of the year” has packed a pretty punch.

Not only is today Super Tuesday and Fat (Pancake) Tuesday, it’s Nutella Day too! :) Could there be any more happenings this week?!

As a matter of fact, yes. From Super Bowl Sunday on, February 2008 has had a lot in store and it’s not stopping there: Tomorrow is Ash Wednesday (the beginning of Lent), and Thursday marks the beginning of the Chinese New Year. Not to mention, Valentine’s Day is next week! And then, after all that, we even have a 29th day of February this year which is almost a holiday in itself. Am I missing something? Probably!

So in honor of all the hoopla, I thought I’d help out with the cooking.

Pancake Day
Double Berry Pancakes
Swedish Pancakes
4-Grain Pancakes
Banana Pancakes

Other Mardi Gras Recipes
Mardi Gras Potato Soup
Mardi Gras Gator Meatballs
Avocado Studded Mardi Gras Fritters

Mardi Gras Madness Punch
King Cake

Chinese New Year
Chinese New Year’s Chicken
Cha Shui (Chinese Pork Appetizer)
Stir Fried Sea Bass of Abundance
Chinese New Year Sweet Rice
Chinese Steamed Cake

Lent Fridays
Spring Risotto
Citrus Salmon
Baked Lemon Sole
Cheese Ravioli with Fresh Vegetables
Bean and Cheese Enchiladas

Valentine’s Day
Enter our Valentine’s Day Contest!
Be My Valentine Cupcakes
Valentine’s Day Salmon Pate
Red Hot Valentine’s Day Salad
Valentine Cutouts
Valentine’s Day Tomato Basil Pasta

That’s it for now! Enjoy the holidays and more importantly, the food!

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  • Joy

    MMmm…pancakes. :-)

    Speaking of Valentine’s Day, now that we cook a lot, I forbid my boyfriend to book as at a restaurant on the day of because I don’t want to be a part of that. I requested a home-cooked meal. :-)

    Hey, I wanted to check the recipe for the tomato basil pasta and the cheese ravioli but I think there’s something wrong with your links at the bottom. Lent links all go to the enchilada, and the Valentine ones all go to the pasta. Just giving you a heads up on that. :-)

  • JEP

    I’ll hop on over to Recipe4Living to check-out some of your suggestions!

  • Rusk Anders

    interested in the cheeze enchiladas!!

  • Rusk Anders

    hungry for the cheeze enchilada recipe!

  • Anna Kindler

    Golly, I don’t know why we think that after the new year is over,there is no more holiday time.To top it all off,not only is there so many holidays But my 32nd anniversity is this month.Just can’t get any better than that. I enjoy your recipes. Thanks for the help. Anna

  • Hillary

    Thanks Joy for pointing out the link errors! My mistake – they should all work now :)

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