My New Fruit Crush Makes Me Blush

Final Cara Cara

Well that was embarrassing.

I was just raving about my new favorite fruit to Maxine – Cara Cara Navels, also known as red navels a variety of orange. I went on and on about how surprisingly red they are for oranges, and how much sweeter and tastier they are than regular navel oranges. I just boasted about how they’re like miniature versions of grapefruits growing inside the skin of an orange.

And to show her just how amazing they taste, I brought one in to work. All week we’ve had a stock of cara cara navels at home and it seemed they had replaced regular oranges. So naturally, I grabbed one. To get to the point, I cut into the orange right in front of Maxine and it was most definitely just a regular navel orange.

Shows what I know!

But it also shows you that oranges come in all sorts of varieties even if they look the same on the outside.

So because I wasn’t able to share my newfound delicacy with Maxine, I encouraged her to look out for them at the stores. I suppose I’ll tell you folks to do the same because seriously, they’re delicious! To read more about them, click here, here or here.

I don’t even like oranges usually but these “rubies” are worth the try. You can use them in an Asparagus, Orange and Endive Salad or make Oranges with Lemon Cream or a Mango-Orange Sorbet. Yes, I believe any dish that calls for oranges will be taken to the next level if substituted with Cara Cara Navels.

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  • JEP

    I’ve been eating the clementine’s but will buy one of these for a taste test—thanks!

  • tigerfish

    I was just reading somewhere about grapples, and now here I have my fav citrus -grapefruit in an “orange-covering “! :O

  • Emiline

    Wow, I’m really hungry for oranges now. I just tried blood oranges, and they were really good.

  • Hillary

    JEP- Let me know if you like them.

    Tigerfish – :) Glad I could tell you about them!

    Emiline – Mmmm blood oranges…

  • myspace cursors

    hmm looks good

  • premium florida citrus

    we have over 30 different kinds of citrus growing in florida. I can not keep track of them all anymore lol

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