How to Fillet a Fish

It’s video time again at Chew on That! This time we’re showing you how to fillet a fish (yes it is spelled with two Ls)! If you’ve ever wondered how the grocery stores strip those whole fish down to gorgeous fillets for your cooking convenience, then this video is for you!

Jorge Ledezma of Whole Foods was kind enough to demonstrate the process from scaling to avoiding those poisonous fins of the yellowtail snapper! So turn up your volume and watch away – it’ll be fun. I even get a fish scale in my hair!

Special thanks to Meg Bowman of Whole Foods for all of her help. And thanks again to Jorge who is not only fantastic at filleting fish, but also plays in an awesome band called Alla. They’re releasing a CD called Es Tiempo in May of 2008 so check it out (you can listen to their music here).

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  • Joy

    Great video!

    Is the fish scale on your hair the one that’s shining against the camera?

  • JEP

    OMG—not only does that look difficult but DANGEROUS! Definitely worth it to have a fishmonger prep one instead! Look forward to the next video–any hints on what we can expect?

  • Paola

    Awesome video and very informative! Great job!


  • Joe Jarmusz


  • Hillary

    Joy- Yep, that would be the one.

    JEP- It didn’t look easy to me either!

    Paola- Thanks for watching, glad you liked it.

    Joe- Haha, I’m guessing you know Jorge? :)

  • gilli

    There you go Hillary good work. Nice to have a face to put with the name.

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