The Sixth Annual Duck Dinner

Table 2

Remember those awesome friends that had me over for pumpkin carving and apple crisp? Well this time, they have outdone themselves!

Last Saturday marked the sixth anniversary of their Annual Duck Dinner – a core group of friends’ cherished tradition that I was warmly invited to be a part of. Three weeks prior, I received an e-mail with instructions to bring wine, dress formally and be prepared to eat: duck confit (duck that has been soaking in its fat for a month).

And so I did! (Well, I’m going to be honest, I forgot to bring wine and I’m still kicking myself.)
Upon arrival, I was greeted by gorgeous candlelit tables (pictured above), plates of appetizers making their way out to the tables, and a whole lot of hustle bustle in the kitchen.

I was already impressed – this was probably the best dinner party I had ever been to and I hadn’t even tasted the food yet!

Crabcakes were being fried, and sauce was being applied:
Katie preparing Preparing 2

There was cheese being grated and duck being plated:
Grating Cheese Plating the Duck

All to create the most flavorful duck dinner menu I have ever had:


-Bruschetta with toasted ciabatta bread, fresh tomatoes and real parmesan cheese

Crab Cakes
-Crab Cakes with red pepper sauce, and
-Crostini with olive oil and parmesan cheese (not pictured)

Main Course

Plate of Duck
-Duck confit with balsamic vinegar and tart cherry chutney
-Roasted vegetables
-Roasted button and portobello mushrooms (not pictured)


Napoleon Dessert
-French Napoleon with white chocolate mousse and raspberry drizzled with chocolate sauce

I told our hosts to open up a restaurant.

Not only was the operation a complete success, but the food was outstanding. Let me say that one more time: the food was OUTSTANDING.

The homemade pepper sauce complemented the sweetness of the crab cakes perfectly. The bruschetta was made with REAL parmesan cheese and a mix of fresh tomatoes on perfectly toasted ciabatta. And the duck – oh the duck – was unbelievably moist. It was so flavorful and perfect on its own but when paired with the balsamic vinegar and tart cherry chutney, your mouth was just about in heaven. And then, THEN you had dessert. Our chef for the evening (and organizer of the event) explained regrettably the dessert was not actually a classic French Napoleon. It was made with white chocolate mousse instead of a vanilla or chocolate cream. But topped with a raspberry and chocolate sauce for presentation, the guests were raving with “oohs” and “aahs.”

In fact, they were raving the whole time. I know I was because everything went together so well. I sure hope I’m invited back for Duck Dinner #7! Thanks again for having me this year! :)

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  • JEP

    You do have some pretty awesome friends! What’s your next get together?

  • veron

    Lucky you. I love duck confit! In fact , that was the reason i started blogging. Quest for the perfect duck confit…funny how I became obsessed with macarons at the present . I still have that gallon of duck fat in the refrigerator. I think it’s time for another mega-batch of confit!

  • Jane DeFelice

    My last duck dinner was at a yacht club on Long Boat Key and it was wonderful. Oh, how I long for another. Thanks.

  • http://recipes4living janice l. myers

    Are there any available recipes for the appetizers or dessert??? thanks,janice

  • Hillary

    JEP- Not sure, but I’m sure I’ll write about it!

    Veron- I could see where duck confit would be inspiring…it was deliiiicious.

    Jane- That sounds very luxurious!

    Janice – I will ask for them right now! :)

  • Dee

    I would like the duck receipe.

  • Robyn Barnes


    I sure did enjoy the pictures and stories aout the scrumptious Duck Dinner you attended, but……where are the recipes??? I looked everywhere but couldn’t find them. Hope you do get invited to the next one!


  • molar

    Wonderful food, thank you warmly:)

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