Sushi and the next American President

I don’t know about you, but the presidential candidate with the best sushi policy is getting my vote in the primaries.

This is no joke.

Wednesday’s news of sushi tuna found to contain high mercury levels has led presidential hopefuls to publicly state how they would handle the issue. So if you still have yet to vote and need a nudge to sway you one way or the other, let this little sushi debate rundown be your guide:


Obama wants to implement “safe sushi” policies, stating he’s been sticking up for mercury-free sushi since 2002…

Edwards could care less about what to do with the sushi problem because he believs sticking up for the “little guy” who has never even had the chance to taste sushi is more important.

Kucinich (now out of the race but still managed to comment) – thinks the fish part of sushi is unnecessary and we should all just eat the rice and wasabi.

Clinton is ready for action and already has a 4 year plan to get rid of all mercury in sushi.


Romney blames “the immigrant tuna” and claims we need to have better homeland security. “I promise you on my watch, we will not be a sanctuary for dangerous foreign tuna,” he states.

Huckabee tells us to avoid fish and sushi altogether, claiming it’s not even traditional and to stick to our American roots.

McCain simply states he has experience and is therefore qualified to handle “the sushi ordeal”.

Hmmm….so much to think about. Maybe this will solve the bluefin tuna depletion issue???

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  • evil chef mom

    funny! check out it helps you pick out your canidate closest to your beliefs. why just sushi? what about the cloned meat debate? where do they stand on that? since you have an “in” with the canidates, i’m looking forward to their answers.

  • Cakespy

    Oh lord. What’s your (sushi) platform??

  • Hillary

    Evil Chef Mom – Great link! Thanks!

    Cakespy – Haha, oh my. All I’ll say is: I love sushi.

  • Gene

    Well, I think our decision is pretty obvious since Hillary is the only front-runner to dignify this blog with a response, don’t you?

  • Hillary

    Gene- :) I do have a Hillary bumper sticker solely because we share the same name.

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