Step by Step: Snickerdoodles


One of my New Year’s Resolutions for the blog is not only to cook more (as Hillary has already put into action), but to take more instructional pictures. I think one of the reasons I watch so much Food Network is because I am a very visual learner. If I see how a recipe is supposed to be made, it’s easier for me to follow the instructions on my own. So, for all you visual learners out there, I bring you the first edition of Step by Step – Chew on That’s Instructional Guide. (Editor’s note: The name of this may change, depending on if I can come up with some witty, cooking-related pun to use instead. Suggestions?)

For our first Step by Step post, I chose Snickerdoodles for a few reasons: 1) The recipe seemed simple enough. 2) I had time to take pictures while I was baking. 3) I’ve been having some acid reflux-related stomachaches and chocolate is on my “absolutely cannot eat” list. Complete. Agony. So, I needed non-chocolate cookie recipe that would still satisfy my sweet tooth.

I found the recipe at Bake or Break, my new favorite baking blog. Jennifer’s recipes, commentary and photos are oh so helpful; I’ve really enjoyed keeping up with her posts lately. Highly recommended!

Snickerdoodles are my brother’s favorite cookie, but I’ve never made them myself before. I was surprised that this recipe shapes them into balls rather than flat discs. The ball shape made them look a lot like cinnamon donut holes and they were cakey like them too. The nutmeg flavor is very distinct and I have to agree with Jennifer that it was a bit too strong for me. Next time I would lighten up on the nutmeg and maybe flatten the balls a little before baking. Otherwise, it was an easy cookie recipe that didn’t take long at all!

Here are the Step by Step pictures and you can find the full recipe here.








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  • JEP

    OMG—I just finished eating a Snickerdoodle from a local cookie shop:) You finished product looks mighty good, tho’ Keep up with instructional pix & videos–helpful!

  • Hillary

    I tasted one of these and they’re amazing! They had a cakey texture and they reminded me of Munchkins! Mmmm…thanks for sharing them Maxine! :)

  • Karen Thompson

    They sound really good! I’ll have to try them. You could call the site “Food for your eye’s”,get it. O.K. it’s stupid.Just a thought!!!

  • Rowdy

    Thanks for the pics.

    My mom made these all the time.

    Looks wonderful.


  • http://Everest Virginia

    What about a recipe for the snickerdoodles?

  • Maxine

    Virginia, the link to the full recipe is above, or you can see the recipe here.

  • http://Recipe4Living Cathy

    Wow, Snickerdoodles are a reminders are the younger years and these look so good. Already have the ingredients out for a batch.

  • Sarah P.

    Max! I am so impressed by all this cooking and baking you are partaking in! It looks like you are getting sooooo much better! Keep it up! I love the pictures!

  • Maddy

    Those look delicious Maxine! I love how they cracked open a little while cooking to expose their sweet interior-yum :)

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