Chew on That’s Year in Review

It was officially one year ago today that Chew on That published its first post and launched itself into the blogosphere. Yes, today is Chew on That’s 1st Birthday and we are thrilled! We have a number of exciting ways to celebrate, including a special video and a birthday cake recipe.To kick off our birthday festivities, we wanted to treat you to a little flashback. We have been fortunate enough to acquire a regular stream of new readers over the past year and some of the newbies may have missed our older posts. We’d love for you to delve into the archives and read every post from the last year, but we understand that you may have other things to do today.

In the interest of time, we’ve created a Year in Review for Chew on That with the most popular posts, best recipes and all-around favorite topics from throughout our first year of bloglife. Was there a post that you loved that isn’t on the list? Add it in comments and recommend it to others.

March 27, 2007
Saturday Morning Rituals
Conveniently – and scarily like a planned-out sitcom – my best friend’s boyfriend lives less than two blocks from my boyfriend’s apartment. This was not some conniving girl-plot to be BFF forever, it just worked out that way. It makes cab rides easy (and cheaper) and it’s always nice to know they’re close. But the best part about having them within spitting distance is that every Saturday morning they wake up hungry – and so do I. Click here to read the post and get the recipe for Orange Ricotta Pancakes.
June 11, 2007

You gotta love the Internet. It has horrified me, entertained me, and sometimes…inspired me. This is one of those times. After watching a particularly good episode of my favorite (now ended) video blog The Show With ZeFrank, I knew my life would never be satisfying until I followed the instructions he gave me. Click here to see step-by-step pictures on how to make a Pankegg.
July 31, 2007
Last Supper

Some of our favorite food bloggers answered our fun albeit morbid question, “What would your Last Supper be?” The answers are impressively varied, mouth-watering, and hilarious! Thanks to all you bloggers for participating in the fun! Click here to read the post that inspired the Monthly Mouthful.
September 29, 2007
Work of Art(ichoke)
Please forgive the painfully obvious pun in the title – I just couldn’t help myself! But to my own credit, last night’s dinner truly was a work of art. I’ve been eyeing gorgeous blossoms of artichokes all summer, but I haven’t had the time or courage to buy them… until yesterday! Click here to get the recipe for Artichokes and Herbs and read instructions on how to clean an artichoke.
October 4, 2007
On Meeting Alice Waters
Alice Waters is truly an inspiration. I had the pleasure of meeting her yesterday at the Prairie Grass Cafe, an event for the release of her new book entitled The Art of Simple Food. While I knew how inspiring she was before meeting her, my impressions were only solidified upon speaking to her in real life. Click here to read more about Alice Waters and how Hillary got to meet her!
October 30, 2007
My Love-Hate Relationship with Giada
Giada De Laurentiis perplexes me. I have a feeling that if we went to high school together or had pledged the same sorority in college, we would have gotten along and could’ve hung out in big groups, but we never would have been bosom buddies. Get it? Bosom buddies? Because she always shows her cleavage?? I crack myself up. Click here to get the recipe for Tri Colore Orzo and read the contentious comments readers had about Giada.
November 7, 2007
Early Thanksgiving Pt. 2: A closer look at the food
Sure you got to look at the table full of food we feasted on, but Thanksgiving wouldn’t be Thanksgiving without a little more focus on the food. After all, it is one of my favorite holidays.So let’s have a look at the menu, shall we? Click here to see mouthwatering pictures as Hillary walks you through her Thanksgiving dish by dish.
November 15, 2007
Marshmallows on Sweet Potatoes: WHY?!
Excuse me readers while I partake in a little bit of a rant. And I’m sorry to say, David Lebovitz, that it was inspired by your post.I HATE WHEN PEOPLE PUT MARSHMALLOWS ON SWEET POTATOES.Whew. Ok thanks, I feel a little bit better. Click here to read the rest of the tirade as well as nearly 60 comments by readers about their opinions on the matter.
December 4, 2007
The New and Improved Chew on That
You may have noticed things look a bit different around here. Yes, first we moved, and now we decided to redecorate! We could not be more excited about our new design so we hope you like it as much as we do!Let me be the first to give you a tour of Chew on That’s kitchen! Click here to read about all the new bells and whistles we added to the site and check out the snazzy design.
December 17, 2007
How to Cut a Pineapple
Do you find it difficult to cut a pineapple? Are you perplexed by its
tough skin and pointed leaves? Well if that’s the case, then you’re in luck because Chew on That has just created its very first video on “How to Cut a Pineapple” starring our very own Maxine! Click
here to see our first video and get excited for many more to come!

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  • Lydia

    Congratulations to everyone at Chew on That on your one-year blogiversary. It’s a wonderful achievement to post for an entire year. I’m looking forward to year two!

  • JEP

    I especially like the Monthly Mouthful segments, video clips like the one on fresh pineapple and when personal experiences are shared…like Thanksgiving eats! Again, congratulations on a successful 2007!

  • melissa

    I hadn’t realized I had been reading you guys for so long (since around early july I surmise). time flies!

    I have to admit though, I miss jim sometimes. I really enjoyed his posts.

    mmm pankegg. ;P looks good.

  • Becky

    New here. Congrats on your birthday. Looks good here. I’m looking forward to visiting often.

  • Addie

    Congrats. I love the responses to all the subjects.

  • Tina

    You may not be surprised to hear there’s actually a website out there devoted to Giada’s cleavage.

    It’s at

    It really punctuates her penchat for low-cut shirts!

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