January 31, 2008

My New Fruit Crush Makes Me Blush

Final Cara Cara

Well that was embarrassing.

I was just raving about my new favorite fruit to Maxine – Cara Cara Navels, also known as red navels a variety of orange. I went on and on about how surprisingly red they are for oranges, and how much sweeter and tastier they are than regular navel oranges. I just boasted about how they’re like miniature versions of grapefruits growing inside the skin of an orange.

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January 30, 2008

How to Fillet a Fish

It’s video time again at Chew on That! This time we’re showing you how to fillet a fish (yes it is spelled with two Ls)! If you’ve ever wondered how the grocery stores strip those whole fish down to gorgeous fillets for your cooking convenience, then this video is for you!

Jorge Ledezma of Whole Foods was kind enough to demonstrate the process from scaling to avoiding those poisonous fins of the yellowtail snapper! So turn up your volume and watch away – it’ll be fun. I even get a fish scale in my hair!

Special thanks to Meg Bowman of Whole Foods for all of her help. And thanks again to Jorge who is not only fantastic at filleting fish, but also plays in an awesome band called Alla. They’re releasing a CD called Es Tiempo in May of 2008 so check it out (you can listen to their music here).

January 29, 2008

Grass-Fed Beef Revolution: An Interview with Bill Kurtis

Photo courtesy of Amazon.com

Investigative journalist Bill Kurtis is well known for his time as an anchor for CBS News, his hosting of A&E news and crime documentaries, and now, his promotion of grass-fed beef consumption (as opposed to corn-fed beef).

He owns a cattle ranch that raises its beef with grass (and only grass) and sells it through his TallGrass Beef company. And in November 2007, he released a book of both recipes and the history of grass-fed beef called “The Prairie Table Cookbook”. The text makes the claim that cows were meant to eat grass and humans were meant to eat grass-fed beef, but that somewhere along the path, we digressed and switched over to corn-fed beef for corporate convenience. Kurtis hopes we revert back to our old ways that he thinks are not only simpler and tastier, but healthier.

So join me while I ask Bill a few questions about his book, his positions on related current events, and his favorite beef:
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January 28, 2008

The Sixth Annual Duck Dinner

Table 2

Remember those awesome friends that had me over for pumpkin carving and apple crisp? Well this time, they have outdone themselves!

Last Saturday marked the sixth anniversary of their Annual Duck Dinner – a core group of friends’ cherished tradition that I was warmly invited to be a part of. Three weeks prior, I received an e-mail with instructions to bring wine, dress formally and be prepared to eat: duck confit (duck that has been soaking in its fat for a month).

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