Holiday Gluttony

There’s nothing like the holidays! I swear, we don’t hold anything back. It isn’t enough to have caramel popcorn. No of course not…we need to add crushed up peppermints to our caramel popcorn…and then! THEN! We need to drizzle it with dark chocolate.

Thank youuu Trader Joe’s!

I’m serious, thank you. It was delicious.

And if you don’t live near a Trader Joe’s and want to join in on the holiday gluttony, perhaps you can be inspired and make your own with these recipes:

Caramel Popcorn Kit in a Jar (great gift!), Cinnamon Popcorn, Lemon Meringue Popcorn, Honey and Spice Popcorn, Pina Colada Popcorn Crunch, OR Swirled Popcorn Mix,

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  • Deborah

    Oh, how I wish I had a Trader Joe’s nearby… I guess I will have to make my own!!

  • JEP

    No J’s close…the Cinnamon popcorn sounds good!

  • http://recipes shirley

    I got some of the holiday popcorn with chocalate covered raisins and almonds with cinnamon and drizzled chocalate. Sooooooooooo good

  • Mary Ann

    I would love to write more – no time – rushing out to TJ’s before it’s all gone.

  • lilkunta

    How much is this tub?
    Is it 14oz or 18oz? Since u(blog owner) c my email pls do email me the oz & cost. Thx.

    I buy TJ caramel popcorn, 7oz\$1.49. I think $1.49 is expensive. B4 McCrory’s went out of business they sold 10oz\12oz bags of caramel popcorn for just $1! ..ahh the 90s, the good ole days.

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