Still Going Strong

It’s been over 5 months since my first post on the new acai berry products I had scoped out at the grocery stores. And it seems the super antioxidant-laden fruit is still going strong!

I took the above picture today in the grocery store, and you’ll see that there certainly is no shortage of acai berry juice around these parts. I’ll be honest: I thought it was just going to be a trend, despite having written this article, but my research disproved even my own premonitions!

So now, I’ll take this opportunity to propagate my findings and do a little pitch: next time when you make that very berry juice, you can use acai berries!

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  • JEP

    I’ve seen these on the shelf, but always pass they by…I’m just not a juice drinker at all :(

  • AcaiBurn

    What is the actual Acai content in these? They sure do taste go and seem to give me energy.

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