Best package ever!

Hey, remember that time when I told you all how I was obsessed with this Israeli chocolate bar with pop rocks but couldn’t find it in the States or online anywhere!?


Yesterday I received a package of…a WHOLE box of it!

Needless to say, my day has been made! Thank you thank you thank you to my amazing cousin who spent a semester in Israel who just returned to Canada with three whole packs of this amazing chocolate to send me, all the while keeping it a surprise!

I really wish you could tell from this picture how good this chocolate bar really is! But unfortunately it doesn’t capture the insanely delicious effect putting popping candy in chocolate can produce. So in honor of this wonderful package, go eat something that puts a “party in your mouth“…cause that’s what the holidays are all about :)

P.S. Sorry to anyone whose hopes I just raised, I still haven’t found it in the States. This supply is going to have to last me until my next trip to Israel. Even though Pop Rocks came out with their own chocolate bar, it’s just not the same…

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  • JDebs

    What a wonderful surprise!

  • JEP

    Care packages are the best kind :)

  • B Becker

    I am jealous. We bought some at the Tel Aviv airport just for the long flight home. It was so yummy. Wish we bought more. Next time.

  • Jeff

    You’re welcome.

    So the supply has to last till your next trip to Israel. How long is that supposed to be?

  • Dina

    Where can I get some??? I think Mony will freak out if he see’s this!

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