When Sushi Delivers

I visited Tsuki Sushi of Lincoln Park (Chicago) this past weekend and based on the quality and presentation of their sushi…I’d give the restaurant rave reviews.

Greeted by serious sushi chefs artfully peeling vegetables in a circular motion (kind of like Morimoto peeled his daikon radish here), I was already amazed when I walked in. And after perusing the menu,

I wound up with a tropical mango roll, which was comprised of salmon, tuna and mango rolled together and topped with a drizzle of raspberry sauce atop thin slices of avocado. ALL of these ingredients sounded good to me…which despite my love for sushi, rarely happens. Needless to say, I love fruit with my sushi, and tuna and salmon are my fish of choice.

Next, I ordered a crazy tuna roll, which meant I was in for a trio of deliciousness in the form of: regular tuna, albacore tuna, and white tuna. The roll came topped with red tobiko which means flying fish roe, and spicy mayonnaise. The tobiko was specified on the menu, but the mayonnaise was not. Had I known, I would have definitely asked for it without because the mayonnaise flavor completely ruins sushi for me. Not to sound like a snob, but the slightest tinge of this spicy mayonnaise makes my stomach hurt.

The last thing I ordered was a piece of beni toro, which is torched fatty salmon nigiri. I’ve never had it torched like this, but it definitely sounded like something I would enjoy…and did!

Pictured above is the second round of rolls my friends and I ordered. From right to left: a rainbow roll, my crazy tuna roll (check out all that mayonnaise), another rainbow roll, and another friend’s spider roll. The rainbow roll was filled with crabmeat and topped with avocado and four different kinds of fish. It definitely looked great, and everyone enjoyed theirs. Also enjoyed, the spider roll stood out from the crowd with its heaping tuna flakes that topped the crab roll.

While their online menu is a little outdated, you can get a sense of what they serve here. And yes, the post title has a double meaning…they deliver!

Tsuki Sushi
1441 W. Fullerton Ave.
Chicago, IL 60614
(773) 883-8722

On another note, does anyone know what’s going on with the bluefin tuna situation in Japan? I hope I didn’t just make matters worse with my crazy tuna roll….

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  • Caley

    Hey guys! I just stopped by and wanted to say I LOVE the new look. Fantastic! =D

    Happy Holidays!

  • http://www.recipe4living.com Hillary

    Caley – thanks for stopping by – we’re glad you like the look! Hope all is well in Dublin!

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