Menu for Hope IV

Even though it’s the fourth year for Menu for Hope, it’s our first time hearing about it! So with that said, we were a little slow on the uptake this year and weren’t able to donate a prize, BUT we did make some donations for some of our personal favorites.

Before we get into those, let me run through a quick explanation of Menu for Hope:

What is it?
Founded by Chez Pim, Menu for Hope is a worldwide effort amongst food bloggers to raise funds to help the UN World Food Program feed the hungry. Check out Pim’s page for an even better description.

How does it work?
Food bloggers create their own prize giveaways…whether they be homemade baked goods, cookbooks, gift certificates to a recommended restaurant or whatever they so choose. After the list of prizes is compiled, anyone who donates money to the cause gets a chance at winning one of these prizes. Donators must provide their donations in $10 increments. For each $10, you receive a raffle ticket to the prize of your choice!

How do I donate?
Donate here. To enter yourself in a raffle, list your desired prizes by code in the comments section of your donation. You only get to choose one prize per $10.

For the complete list of prizes and codes, click here.

Our picks
The prizes this year are exciting! I definitely suggest you check the list out for yourself but here are some of our favorites:
1. Paella-making kit from Ambrosia and Nectar
2. Spice collection from …an endless banquet
3. 1 oz. saffron threads from Jaden’s Steamy Kitchen

There were countless other amazing prizes but we can only afford so much! We would have loved to have a foodie day in London or eat dinner with acclaimed Australian food critic Stephen Downes, but location permitting, this was all we could afford. Check out our fellow Midwesterners’ giveaways here. Funniest prize award goes to Farmgirl Fare for her prize of “phone call from a Foodie Farmgirl.”

See how wonderful this all is? Take a minute to donate!

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