Latke Diaries

Sometimes we really don’t turn out to be as ambitious as we hope to be. Like I said, I planned to make latkes this year, really I did! But since tonight is already the seventh night of Hanukkah, I’m not so sure that’s going to happen. SO, just like Max attests to the premade mixes for banana bread, it turns out I’m a huge supporter of premade mixes for latkes.

But, just because I didn’t make my own, doesn’t mean I didn’t eat a wholllle lot of latkes this Hanukkah season. In fact, my consumption was probably a little excessive (but don’t worry the pictures you see below are of group shots – not my portion).

So let’s see which premade latkes made the cut, and which I’d leave behind in the oil.

The first two nights of Hanukkah were off to a slow start in the latke eating races, sadly, but lucky for me that picked up on Night 3.

So, on the third night of Hannukah…

I ate latkes made from Streits Potato Pancake Mix! And let me tell you, they were goooood! It could have been the fact that I hadn’t had latkes in awhile, but I’m pretty sure I’d pick these as a personal favorite. My mom fried them up in the pan, and they turned out to be the perfect texture…crispy but soft in the middle, and not heavy. Not to mention, they had a really good flavor. And the biggest bonus of all was that the box came with 2 packages of the mix for just $1!

On the fourth night of Hanukkah…

I ate latkes made from Manischewitz Potato Pancake Mix! In direct comparison with Streits, dad and I weren’t too pleased. Mom didn’t notice much of a difference but I immediately knew I liked the others better. These just didn’t have any flavor. I never realized I’d critique latkes for flavor (I usually just douse them all in apple sauce) but something was definitely missing here. They weren’t terribly priced though either…$1.99 a package, and it made a whole bunch of latkes!

And on the fifth night of Hanukkah…

I had some Golden Gourmet Premade Potato Pancakes! These were actually served at a party. Going premade was the way to go since you just pop ‘em in the oven and don’t have to deal with all that oily cleanup. They definitely had good flavor and if I wasn’t full from a huge dinner I had before…I probably would have eaten a whole bunch.

And lastly (for now), on the sixth night of Hanukkah…

We had our family Hanukkah party. Instead of slaving in the kitchen for the 15-20 that we were, we decided to go with Trader Joe’s Potato Pancakes that you just heat in the oven. You’ll have to forgive the poor quality photo, I forgot my camera so this was a phone photo op. Overall, these were tasty as well, but they felt more hockey puckish than I would have liked. If I were going with premade over mix, I think Golden Gourmet comes out on top.

And seeing as how that’s four straight nights of latkes, I’m hoping I take a break tonight. But then again, we do have that extra bag of Streits mix! And speaking of Streits…I think that’s my latke of choice! I prefer the mixes for the freshly fried (haha who knew those words would ever be used together) flavor versus the premade frozen pancake that tends to feel more heavy and hockey-puck like.

But, circumstances prevail and we’re going to be serving Trader Joe’s potato pancakes at our official family Hanukkah party to take place next Sunday. Yes I know it seems hardly official when it’s taking place AFTER Hanukkah, but this party is the biggest deal, with 50+ guests of cousins, cousins, and more cousins. Hooray.

Happy last couple days of Hanukkah!

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  • melissa

    I really like the look of those streits ones. I’m jealous you got to have so many. *pouting* I do hear that grating them yourself makes a difference but like with most holiday stuff, I imagine it can be hard to find the time on top of everything else.

    I did end up telling my mom last night that I want her to make them for me when I come visit in a couple of weeks. can’t wait!

  • Maxine

    I love your latke mix recap and review! I definitely had my share Sunday night with my family and I’m going back for more tonight! :)

  • Lydia

    Latke mix? My grandmother would be horrified! I only make latkes once a year, so I don’t mind the grating by hand. In fact, I don’t dare try the mix — if I liked it, I’d be making latkes all the time!

  • Shoshana

    You’ve inspired me! I bought a Streit’s mix today… I have not yet had a chance to make my own latkes this year, and it’s now a race against time! Thanks. :)

  • Hillary

    Melissa – Enjoy your latkes in a couple weeks!!!

    Maxine – :) I hope they were tasty!!

    Lydia – Haha I know, I know, it was hard for me to admit but such is life.

    Shoshana – Glad I inspired you! :) Hope you liked the Streits kind!

  • Melissa

    I made the Streit’s latkes too and they came out pretty good.

  • Messy Jessy

    OMG! I love latkes! I don’t have anything against making them from a mix either. I like mine topped with applesauce and a dab of sour cream. Mmmm…Yum!

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