Have you ever eaten an unripe pear?

Well now I have. And let me tell you, I don’t enjoy my pears crunchy.

How was I to know?!

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  • http://micheerose.com Elfie

    Heh. I will ONLY eat my pears if they’re crunchy. Once they get soft, I get disgusted and throw them out. But then, I’m from Michigan and therefore a bit of an apple-eater. I prefer all my fresh fruit to be just barely ripe (that is, very crunchy). *shrug* If I want it juicy, I’ll get juice. :-D

  • Gabe

    Depends on the type of pear…
    Bartlett’s and other North American types… press your fingertip in to the flesh near the stem. If soft, and fragrant, then eat…

    The asian pears (shorter, rounder like an apple and generally having a brown skin) stay crisp/crunchy even when ripe and sweet.

  • JEP

    I’m not crazy about pears & I think it’s because I have not eaten any truly ripe ones.

  • http://youravon.com/reneestaton smilie_eyez

    MMMMM yummy on any Pears!! i have three Pear trees . I love it i bring on the Home Made Pear pies tis year ITs Peacans Have 8 of those .

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