Cookie Chaos

That poor snowman. One day he’s winter’s mascot, the next he’s the symbol of all things politically correct in the holiday season. Not quite a symbol of Christmas; not quite a symbol of Hanukkah. He’s just a snowman on a cookie! What could be wrong with that?

Well I admit, I myself am guilty of perpetrating the snowman’s unfair situation. When it comes to holiday cookies, I consciously buy the snowman cookies because of their lack of discriminative religious qualities. I decided I wanted to bring some cookies into work in honor of the holidays so I turned to Pillsbury’s Ready-to-Bake Snowmen Cookies (yes I know the link is to the Christmas tree kind, I can’t find the snowman one on the website!)

The directions could not be simpler. Just preheat, place and bake! They tell you. I mean really, how can anyone screw that up? Well…let’s just see what happens.

So I preheat:

And I place:

And I bake:

Did I say bake? I meant overbake.

Let’s rewind for a second: All I want to do is bake some holiday cookies, and knowing my capacity to screw up, I purposely buy the easy bake impossible-to-screw up cookies. I mean, I saw this coming. So I read the instructions and it says bake for 8-10 minutes. Then I notice a timer on the oven and don’t want to risk anything so I set it for 8 minutes. Next, I get a phone call, and I think “Alright, that’s ok, I set the timer. I’ll hear the beep,” and proceed to answer it.

WELL silly old me set the timer for 8 hours instead of 8 minutes and definitely didn’t hear any beep! It wasn’t until the smell of definitely-done cookies started filling up the house that I realized I had been on the phone for 20 minutes. So the result: overbaked cookies.

But worry not, I bought two boxes. So I try again. I place, I bake (this time not leaving the room and literally watching the cookies bake for the whole eight minutes). And they come out like this:

I guess they’re supposed to look that way but it’s possible in my hovering paranoia that I took them out too early. I just can’t get it right, can I? Let’s compare:

Oh well. The two different kinds made for a more unique plating presentation:

And believe me, these don’t compare to the completely burnt ones we wound up with at last year’s holiday party! (Oops, did I forget to mention that?)

This is why I need other people to bake me cookies.

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  • JEP

    Sometimes the simpliest things are the easiest to screw-up—these are cute, tho’.

  • Melissa

    You are so funny! I tend to burn things because our oven is so unpredictable. That can be so annoying too.

  • http://comcast Julia M

    Maybe with the love and peace of the Cristmas season someone is telling you something. Make stars!

  • Diane

    I grew up with a mom that was very well known for baking especially at Christmas. My teachers were thrilled to have me in class because they knew they would be the ones to get my mom’s famous cookies decorated in so many different ways. In any case, I clearly remember her staying that she “always burn the last sheet of cookies”. That was not on purpose, either. So, the well known best burns cookies, too!

  • gilli

    Hi Hillary

    Happens to the best of us. They look good though.
    Question please what ahs happened to Jim I haven’t seen a posting from him for ages

    And Merry Christmas

  • Chandra

    LOL, have to chuckle, as I do the same thing by being distracted while baking. hey, some of your snowmen just went to Tahiti for the holidays, and got a tan.

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