Pabla Indian Cuisine, Seattle

Boy oh boy, even I’m still getting used to the new site! It’s just so darn cute – I love it!

But on to the post…I have just one last installment about my trip to Seattle. Apparently I can’t stop thinking about Seattle either.

As I mentioned both here and here, I went out for Indian food while I was there. I went to a place called Pabla Indian Cuisine which happens to be authentic, Vegan, AND kosher Indian food. Not to mention, pretty good!

The dining room, connected to a grocery store was decorated very intricately making for what I thought was a pleasant atmosphere. We went during lunch time, where they were serving a lunch special complete with a decent selection of items from their regular menu.

Here was my plate of food, after going up twice (I forgot to take a picture the first time):

There we have a mound of basmati rice, some samplings of Paneer dishes (one was spinach and one had peas). Paneer is a type of Indian cheese, for those of you who don’t know. The pea curry dish had cubes of it, and the spinach paneer dish was flavored with paneer.

You’re probably wondering what that pink cube and odd pink slimy looking thing are on the plate. Well I had those same questions at the time. I had never seen either of these things! Both desserts, the pink cube is coconut flavored, and kind of chewy. It wasn’t terrific, but it wasn’t bad either. The other concoction was, like I said, slimy and had the texture of a hard candy outside filled with some sort of sweet liquid. No offense, but I wanted to gag.

There was however one dessert there that I fell in love with:

Basically Indian rice pudding, it looked like this:

Yay! I finally had my rice pudding fix…but it was even better than that. This dessert flavored with cardamom was more liquidy than rice pudding, so instead of being satiated by one bite, I wanted more and more!

I definitely enjoyed this meal, and would go back again, especially because going back would mean going back to Seattle again! :)

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  • steamy kitchen

    hmmm…that pink thingy….coconut tapioca jello peptol cube?

  • Dina

    That slimy orange thing is jalebi. It’s swirls of fried dough dipped in a gooey sugar sauce. My parents LOVE it but I’m not a fan of any Indian sweets. I’d take butter chicken over that any day!

  • Susan from Food Blogga

    It’s hard to forget Seattle, isn’t it? I just loved it when I visited a few years back.

  • JEP

    I’d go to Seattle just for the coffee :)

  • Melissa

    I’m glad you found a good Kosher Indian food place. I know there are some in NYC, so come visit us and we’ll take you out for Kosher Indian food. :)

  • Mango Power Girl

    Wow! you come to Seattle often? I can’t believe the comment I posted to your Satsuma post never went thru :( Pabla is quite nice…not my favorite, but it’s hard to find GREAT Indian food in Seattle…I am still on the hunt. If you like Kheer so much you should check out my mom’s recipe I posted couple of months ago. It would be kool to catch you in town.

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