Chew on That Thanksgiving!

We have been talking about it for a month now, but it’s finally here! The REAL Thanksgiving (not just the early one) is finally here!

So with that said, it’s about time we talk about just what we’re thankful for. Aside from the food, that’s what this holiday is all about.

Well here at Chew on That, we’re thankful for you, the readers. Your frequent visits and regular commenting truly make our days and we want you to know that we appreciate you.

So THANK YOU for all of your support to Chew on That blog and for those of you celebrating this feast of a holiday tomorrow, may you have a Happy Thanksgiving!

And now, if you haven’t caught up on all our Thanksgiving posts this month, may we present to you all of them at once, from simple recipes to food bloggers’ favorites.

A Chew on That Thanksgiving:

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Some Thanksgiving Help, Pumpkin Spice and Everything Nice,
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(food bloggers’ favorite recipes!),
Making Whole Berry Cranberry Sauce, Same Mix, Different Shape,


-Hillary, excited to spend the real Thanksgiving in another city!
Editor, Recipe4Living

  • JEP

    Happy Thanksgiving to you & thanks for sharing your culinary experience, expertize & love for good food!

  • melissa

    happy thanksgiving everyone and thanks to all of you at recipe4living!

  • veron

    Hope you had a great Thanksgiving, Hillary!

  • paola

    Happy Thanksgiving, Hillary! I hope you stuffed yourselves silly! Since no one has the day off here on Thursday, we’re celebrating tomorrow. I’ve been baking the whole day and I can hardly wait! And because I’m so exhausted from all the cooking, I’m up for a pizza tonight for sure! ;)


  • tigerfish

    Happy Thanksgiving to you! And in case I’m late and on the move, Merry Christmas!

  • Hillary

    Thank you everyone for the wonderful Thanksgiving wishes!! Hope you all had great holiday weekends!

  • Bobbie Ryan

    Here are 12 Ideas for the Thanksgiving Table from a great site at

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