Vegetables and the City

While “Vegetables and the City” might not be the next best sitcom, vegetables and the city are certainly seeing more of each other lately.

Instead of lining the streets with colorful flowers, the city of Chicago has decided to turn its busy roadways into mini gardens – something I think is pretty darn cool.

From the looks of my admittedly not-so-extensive research, the new projects are called Community Gardens, and they’re sponsored by Greencorps Chicago, part of the environmental division of the City of Chicago.

Pictured above is an array of edible plants located on a city sidewalk. From what I could make out, there seemed to be cabbage, raddichio lettuce and much more. So hey, instead of walking into that sandwich place for lunch, why not grab a few salad leaves off the street? I mean hey, lunch is on Chicago!

I’m kidding of course (so when you think you see me on the street chomping on some cabbage – that’s not me, ok?) but at any rate, way to go Chicago! Edible Schoolyards AND Community Gardens? Alice Waters must be so proud.

Editor, Recipe4Living

  • Anna

    I love the looks of these displays (I live in Chicago). But I don’t see the benefit, really. Do they give the plants to someone to eat when they are taken out? Because all I’ve ever seen happen is they throw out the plants when it starts getting cold (happened yesterday, in fact). So what’s the benefit?

  • tigerfish

    Nice concept. But won’t the veg and plants get the pollutants deposits on them?

  • Janet

    It’s really too bad they can’t find a way to utilize the vegies after they have matured. They are beautiful and add so much color to an otherwise drab acenery, but they should find good use for them. Tigerfish has a good question as far as the polutants. Maybe someone should analyze the plants. This could actually be a way to clean the air as well. Trees are filters of the air maybe vegies can help as well.

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