November 30, 2007

Pabla Indian Cuisine, Seattle

Boy oh boy, even I’m still getting used to the new site! It’s just so darn cute – I love it!

But on to the post…I have just one last installment about my trip to Seattle. Apparently I can’t stop thinking about Seattle either.

As I mentioned both here and here, I went out for Indian food while I was there. I went to a place called Pabla Indian Cuisine which happens to be authentic, Vegan, AND kosher Indian food. Not to mention, pretty good!

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November 29, 2007

I Like My Fish Furry

I’m a big believer in trying anything once – especially when it comes to food. I think it’s a good mentality to have when it comes to life in general, but it really comes in handy when I eat with R’s family. I may have mentioned this before, but his family is originally from Russia, but also spent about 10 years in Israel before coming to the United States. Their cooking traditions are a marvelous mixture of old-world Russia combined with fresh Israeli recipes and ingredients. Homemade potato blintzes, stuffed peppers, pel-meni, mamaliga and borscht are just a few of the wonders that come out of their kitchens.

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November 28, 2007

Satsumas in Seattle

So I told you I did some traveling over the long weekend, but I don’t think I told you where I went! Well if the blatant title of this post doesn’t clue you in, maybe it would help to know that the gorgeous picture you see above is of Lake Washington.

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It was 30 degrees on the Wednesday before an undoubtedly food-filled weekend. Here’s how my conversation with R went on on my way home that night:

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