Your Weekly Libation: Farewell Edition

Hello there, Weekly Libation fans. It might seem odd to you that, yet again, I’m posting this week’s “Your Weekly Libation” but this time I’m afraid I can’t promise you Jim will be back. Your usual libation mentor has moved on to bigger and better things, and unfortunately that means “Your Weekly Libation” will be retiring.

But, of course, we had to leave you readers with one last offering – one that I thoroughly enjoy and I think you will too.

It’s a classic, and most everyone that’s heard of it knows how to make one, but Your Weekly Libation is not about making assumptions, now is it?

Without further adieu….we present:

The Mimosa

A classy, yet somewhat girly beverage that’s perfect for wishing Jim (who admittedly preferred “girly” beverages) the best of luck.

Don’t forget the champagne flutes!


2 oz. orange juice


Pour orange juice into a champagne flute over two ice cubes. Fill with chilled champagne, stir very gently, and serve.

But as we draw “Your Weekly Libation” to a close, we hope that you keep in mind you can always submit YOUR beverages of choice to Recipe4Living so that others can enjoy them too.

Editor, Recipe4Living

  • charles

    my wife and I, as long time readers are deeply saddened to hear about jim hitting the old dusty trail. He brought allot to this site besides just girly drink recipes (although that was my wife’s favorite part). His statements on what food brings to people besides just full bellies and happy taste buds inspired us to cook for our friends more often and watching him grow as a chef reminded us about what it was like when we first strapped on the aprons. It seemed as though he was finally getting ready to tackle the kitchen without fear. Hopefully he’ll continue his progres. But I’m happy for him that he got another opportunity somewhere else and its obvious why. He has talent and enthusiasm. We hope to be able to read his writings in the future.

    If he is writing for another blog we would love to have any information on where we could read him.

    Send him our best
    -charles and nancy-

  • JEP

    I, too, will miss reading Jim’s posts. I admit, I rarely made comments when I certainly could have—regrets! :( I always enjoy reading your blog posts & appreciate your hard work & effort to share with all of us your love of food!

  • melissa

    I will miss jim for sure! :( I’ve only been reading you guys for a few months, but I always enjoyed his insights, perspectives and unique sense of humor. I wish him the best but… :(

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