The Keys to Our Destruction

Like whoa.

The net is abuzz about Chow’s latest article, which teaches you how to make bigger, better (-tasting and -for-you) versions of all your favorite Halloween candy treats. Twix! Snickers! Almond Joy! And my personal nemesis, Peanut Butter Cups.

Yes, I am impressed with the kitchen wizardry that allows for such yummy-lookin’ copies, and yes, I am thrilled that these recipes are accessible enough to become delicious realities in my kitchen. But you know what? This is just irresponsible.

About the only reason I don’t constantly make Peanut Butter Cups is because I don’t know how. The keys to those delicious salty-sweet-rich pockets of caloric intake now lie in my hands, and I know that in the future I will rue the day I learned the forbidden knowledge necessary to cook my own end.

Seriously, though, well done, Chow guys. My hat’s off to you. Just pay for my quad bypass, okay?

While we’re preparing Halloween snacks, try some of these next week:
Tootsie Rolls (drink)
Candied Apples
No-Bake Snickers Snack Bars
Milky Way Brownies

-Jim gives it a week before he caves and makes all this stuff

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